Monday, April 15, 2013

You Complete Me $50.00 Coffee Table

 It was so much fun helping my honey make our coffee table yesterday in our friends shop. I had to bundle up though as it was colder in the barn than outside. Since the door had a larger panel on one side than the other and had places notched where the hinges originally went we had to take rip off some of the width and the length to make it a perfect 44" x 32" size.

I want to tell you a little something in case it might help someone else. You see, every time my honey and I would embark on a project in the past we would get through it but would end up arguing a lot.
I had always been gluten free, dairy and processed sugar free but then Todd went gluten free and has been trying to go dairy free and what a difference. We didn't argue once yesterday and it was so nice to work together.

Here is my design we worked from.

Todd cut all the pieces of wood needed for the base from wood we already had and I did all the sanding of them and the door.

I am leaving the old holes from the hinge screws and love the dovetail joints on the ends of the door. 

We then added a floor with leftover boards from when we had replace our rotted front porch floor. 
No that is not a cup holder! Todd will cut a piece from the leftover piece we cut off the side to fill the hole where the door handle once was and will finish off securing the floor boards to properly support  the bottom. 

I will keep the recessed triangle areas white but the rest of the top will stay wood and I am undecided if the bottom will be all white or to do just the frame pieces white and keep the floor boards wood like the top. 

I can't even tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with how it has turned out and my honey loves it too.
The scale is so perfect for the room and I like how the clean lines contrast to the more traditional style of our William Birch sofa and love seat.
The sun is shining and it is supposed to be 16 degrees today so I think I will take advantage and get those side table painted out so I can make a better decision on the coffee table colour.
Then all is needed is some new picture frames, new pillows, maybe paint the lamp bases, finish up the curtains for rings and hemmed properly, paint the pedestal table......
but for now,

I am feeling complete.

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