Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and has enjoyed a healthy and happy Christmas season.
I know it has been quite some time as I have taken quite a break to recharge, dental issues were so great this year and took a lot out of me.  As well I suspect that I am very sensitive to WIFI connection, makes me feel very sick afterwards and since we do not currently have a hardwired connection for our internet I have been staying off the computer unless absolutely necessary. I am going to order a special energy pendant that apparently protects you from EMF's and helps with energy levels as well and am hoping it works so I can keep posting!
I will let you know if it does.

We have survived the ice storm that caused widespread hydro failure in and around the GTA. 
Today is already a mild 2 degrees and is such a relief for so many. We managed to keep our power the entire time and my heart went out to those who were without it for so long and over the holidays. 

Our poor trees toppled over and sadly many were completely lost under the strain of the thick ice.

I was up early Christmas morning and the sunrise although eery was quite beautiful, casting a warm glow over the frozen branches. 

Mom and Dad once again hosted Christmas dinner and Mom's decorating of the dining room in reds and green was gorgeous! I made and brought with us pecan roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potato custard (that tastes just like pumpkin pie) and gluten, grain, dairy free chocolate chip cookies that everyone tried and loved!

I remember this lovely little nativity scene since I was just a little girl and was so happy to see it displayed once again.

She even decorated the kitchen window with her collection of homes all nestled in a layer of snow and lights. 


I kept things on the simple side for our home in shades of white, blues and red. 

I found this heavy little pine cone wreath at Goodwill for $4.99 and I removed the garish gold bow and the plastic snowflake garland that was wrapped around it but kept the pretty pale blue ribbon and I painted a free cabinet door with chalkboard paint and gave it a Merry little message.

On the same day I also found this little red spray berries wreath also at Good Will and it was just $3.99. 

And just before the holidays in bad timing we experimented with a new hall colour, one on the upper level called Divine White by Sherwin Williams and one on the lower level called Pewter Revere by Benjamin Moore as well as started priming the stairs back to white from a teal blue. I really grew tired of it and the white is just so beachy and easy on the eyes. Divine White is the winner and I can't wait to add it to the lower level. 

 I sold my chalkboard that was previously hung here in our stairwell off the kitchen and so I had to come up with something else for the holidays. I used a lovely antique frame, wreath, hurricanes and a pot of fauxliage I already had for a simple and festive little vignette.

I look forward to a New Year full of new possibilities and answers as I plan to find a new doctor to help me get to the next level of health, so I can feel better all the time and finally realize my goals and dreams.

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and best wishes for the coming year!