Sunday, April 14, 2013

The right spot

I am feeling almost reborn today since I am finally ahead of but not quite out of the woods with this root canal infection situation and I can't tell you how crummy it has made me feel. 6 appointments later with a few more to go and I am at least able to think of doing some extra things now that the weekend is here.

Last week I moved Mom's little red house painting to this spot in our mudroom.

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

It has all the colours of our quartzite stone floor in it.

The picture above it is of our first girl Kayla who loved to play with tires!
I like the wood tones of this frame I spotted at the brand new Target store last weekend and think
it may look better than the dark one it's in now

and think it will tie in nicely with the wood blinds and floor in the kitchen
I also moved my "little sailboat original painting" to the kitchen counter and 
love it as it gives just a touch of beach house vibe and looks great with the jewel turquoise bottles in the cupboard above and runner below.

Well I better scoot, I am so excited as Todd's getting me to help him make our new coffee table out of the old door we found and if he catches me blogging is going to have a fit!

I'll share more with you later.
Have a great weekend.

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