Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thanks Target!

I had the blessing of a short day yesterday and we headed to Aurora to run errands and some grocery shopping and go to Target and pick up 8 of these gorgeous wood frames for the living room. They are the perfect medium wood tone which is so hard to find anywhere and I love that they work with the blinds and also have some nice character in the wood grain as well. I wanted to see how they look before deciding on the coffee table and end table colours.

I  love how they look and ended up piling on all my cushions I have on the sofa and realized that we need that many on there to look balanced with the frames above. Of course I am still going to check out new fabrics and then have to get more cushions for the loveseat.
Now that I see how they add a nice detail to the room, I am leaning towards painting the side tables still and keeping the base and the top of the table in a wood tone.

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