Friday, April 3, 2015

Tray Ceiling Transformation (in progress)

Happy Easter everyone!
 It is so nice to actually be off today and even though I work tomorrow I feel like today is such a treat to have all to myself to do whatever I like, when I like!

After many discussions back and forth about our master bedroom ceiling we decided on a tray ceiling.

At first I wanted to do another coffered ceiling the same as our living room and although I know it would look stunning, I felt it would be a little over the top combined with the sliding barn door for the closet and the 3/4 wainscotting we would do in the hallway. Our home is a simpler arts and crafts victorian and doing just for the sake of "doing" would not be the answer and I didn't want to overwhelm this not so large room with the heaviness of a coffer.

I love the angle of our doorway, it is so much more interesting than just a square room.
I am on the lookout for an antique dresser for this wall that we can use for extra clothes storage that will go on this wall opposite the bed. We are undecided about adding a TV above it as I fear that I will end up staying up later than I should watching it before bed but we only have one TV right now and a second one would be a nice for those nights when I want to watch something different than Todd does,
which is most nights!

My honey was happy when I finally made this decision to go with a tray ceiling as it was his original suggestion that I kyboshed and then came back to!
I finally managed to convince him to shave that fur off his face today, he is far too handsome to cover it up under so much facial hair. 

A ceiling fan will be in the middle of the room to keep us comfortable on hot summer nights and we decided we will add recessed lighting in the tray that will be on a dimmer for added ambience. 
It must be work stress or something must be wrong with my brain but in spite of its largeness, this bed is growing on me.
 What  the heck is up with that?!!!!

I am having thoughts of adding MDF flat stock in the inside of the tray to make it look like a boarded ceiling but am not 100% sure. We are going to add crown at the ceiling and perhaps below the tray as well but will take it one step at a time.
The other thing to consider is that our barn door we will make for the closet at 48"wide does not fit typical barn door hardware sets you can buy as a kit as they will only allow up to a 36" door, so we will either consider a slider that is used for real horse stable doors that are far less money or consider forgoing them altogether and putting double doors on instead.
Of course I don't want to give up on the barn door as I know it will be such a nice feature in the room.

Our electrician is coming Tuesday to do the final hookup and inspection for the lighting that Todd is running all the wiring for, so hopefully we can move this project along a bit faster than we have been after that. I am getting excited about the prospect of having a restful and beautiful master bedroom and with fingers crossed before the summer is here and all the outdoor work that needs to be done.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!