Monday, June 9, 2014

Nantucket Chic Zoey Cabinet

Time has flown by in a wink since I last posted. Both my honey and I have had our share of challenges with our health these past months, and it has meant that home renovations and projects of any sort have not happened. Things are finally returning to normal and this weekend I was quite excited to take this absolutely adorable cabinet I've had for some time from seriously shabby to fresh and lovely.

Here she is with one coat on the inside of the dreamiest ocean blue that I custom mixed (seems to be the way with me) from a number of different blues I had on hand and on the outside with a soft white that is just natural white base.

It is solid wood and I love the carving detail.

She really is a perfect slim size for a front entry or a little princess's bedroom or even a flat screen tv console. 

and after two coats of paint.

Please ignore the big black inversion monstrosity that is taking up space in our dining room. My sister graciously loaned it to us to help with my honey's sciatica and it is helping along with regular chiropractor appointments. I am just so thankful that he is getting better.

I've chosen this gorgeous shade of a tropical ocean so that it would make a statement if it is being used as an open shelf cabinet or with the doors on for some closed storage.
It's always good to have choices!


The detail on the end is lovely too.
I have to give it a third coat of paint and a matte poly and finish the doors that have been modified a little. 
I will share more soon.
 I promise.
I hope you are having a fantastic summer so far!