Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lightening Up and My Greatest Inspiration

Hi All!
I hope that everyone has had a healthy and happy Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year. 
I for one am and have had an epiphany of sorts. 

You see it has been a heck of a year with my health again and am still trying to figure things out why I don't feel good just about every other day but while I've been off for Christmas vacation this week, I came to the astounding realization that if I wait to feel like I think I should, I could be waiting a very long time and life is not going to wait for me. 

I have also been my own worst critic and while in my low energy state, I have allowed myself to be a negative perfectionist but alas
once and for all! 
 I had previously started this blog with such joy but slowly as time passed, compared myself and allowed myself to become intimidated by those who were creating, renovating, designing, building, photographing with such great energy and completion that I allowed it to make me feel bad when I was not getting anything big done in my own life.
But, the thing is, this is MY life, my own unique life with accomplishments big or small that no matter what they are, instead of critiquing them, I choose to celebrate them and share them here once again as well as take joy in the energy and amazing creativity of all you wonderful bloggers. 

I also have been so very inspired by my big brother Ken who has suffered greatly a terrible tragedy this past entire year and still is after a spiral fracture to his tibia from playing hockey which required repeated surgeries and has and still does cause him such terrible pain. He has come close to loosing his leg and may not regain full use of his foot.
You see my big brother, unbeknown to him, is my hero. He is an amazing one man show along with his incredible wife Barb, just the two of them running their Island View Marina in Bailieboro together and as well he is a boat and auto mechanic and a dedicated volunteer Fire Captain who also maintains multiple snowplow contracts for the winter season.  He NEVER EVER asks for help even when he was laid up in the hospital while the snow kept coming last winter worrying about who was going to take care of the snow removal but he is the very first person to help others. He is an amazingly devoted father and cares about his kids and grand kids with such kind and gentle love. He has had to learn to sit for months at a time to let his leg heal which literally killed him to do as he you could never get him to sit still ever and against his doctors orders would get into his truck and literally drive with the other leg which no doubt caused him great discomfort so that he could be sure and get his snow plowing done.  
Seeing him at Christmas made me realize that although my own issues are very real and at times feel insurmountable and never ending, they are absolutely not even a drop of what he has had to endure. He is the most amazing person I know and I am so very proud to say he is 
Thank you Ken, my dear sweet brother for showing me what it is to be strong. If I can have just half of the strength that you do, I will be happy.
and so
without further a-due  here is my perfect imperfect Christmas!

I am so very very blessed.
Happy 2015!