Sunday, December 23, 2012

Time for Change

Last night we watched on Netflix an amazing documentary called Hungry for Change and it was a further eye opener to what we both need to do for our health. Even though we are mostly gluten, sugar free and I am dairy free and we try to eat mostly organic wherever possible and antibiotic and hormone free meats, I realize that we need to start adding juices, smoothies, no more white flour products even if they are gluten free.

So this morning, my first day off for the holidays, I dusted off  out my old juicer, opened up the fridge and juiced up some carrots, an apple, celery, garlic and romaine lettuce, added a dash of cayenne and made that our first drink of the day. I passed on my usual organic green tea which I am going to switch out for caffeine free ginger  and other herb teas and Todd even passed on his coffee which I think he knows doesn't do him any justice. You see coffee/caffeine is a stressor on our adrenals and we need all the help we can get.

He is gone out to the mall and to make a grocery stop for me while I whip up a hearty lentil soup for when he gets back.  I know this is the way to go for us diet wise and it won't be easy and it will certainly be more time consuming. Buying lots of organic veggies for juicing is expensive but we will try and if we switch out our usual meat meals once or twice a week for vegetarian it might balance out to be the same dollars spent but I don't think so.  It already seems like I don't have enough time or energy to do all I ever want to do and this means something has got to give as I spend more time trying new recipes, prepping foods at night etc.  As well sleep is on of the most important aspects of health recovery and I plan to get 9 hours each and every night where I currently get about 8.

This change is something that I look forward to for the both of us. It will mean that I will not focus so much on the state of our home but on the state of our well being and spirit. Maybe it will give me back the energy I need to finish up all those little projects I've been wanting to get done. The next step of our health journey will be not about perfection but about renewed energy found from ultimate health.

If you don't feel well, can't lose weight no matter what then you should see this documentary. It is also available on Utube so check it out if you don't have Netflix.

Blessings and good health to everyone for the Christmas season.
Cheers to 2013!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Simplicity

Just one week before Christmas and I'm done decorating! 
I am listening to the most beautiful version of Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige singing "What Child is this" as I type. You see Todd surprised me today and picked up some  Christmas CD's for a steal and they sound amazing on the new, really old large speakers that a customer of his was throwing out and told him he could have if he wanted. Thanks Karen!! He place one of the speakers in the stairwell and the acoustics are nothing short of incredible because of the old plaster walls and ceiling.

I was excited to see how our decorations would look in our living room and dining room with the custom blue I created that I now call "Bye The Sea Blue" I have always loved a simpler look when it comes to Christmas and even though I was oh so tempted on more than one occasion to buy more decorations, I was good and didn't and I think that it all came together pretty well.

I love my feather trees and the I think these red berries that my friend Tracey gave me one Christmas have got to be my favourite. I repainted the peace sign a soft grey and the base on the candle holder a deeper turquoise.

I finally filled our frames with family photos, some frames are new, some are thrift store finds I painted white and one of mom's paintings is in center below. I have had this red wreath for many years as well and love how it pops on the blue wall.

 It feels magical and cozy at night.

 I also love my little sparkly stars. Inexpensive burlap garland is casual and warm against the blues and whites.

Of course I can't forget my seashells and mixed them in a antique ironstone bowl with large pine and sugar cones for an easy centrepiece. 

I adore this antique topiary tree that I found for $20.00 quite a few years ago. I had added some white lights to it and think this is the perfect spot for it in the basement stairway landing just off the kitchen and just makes the kitchen glow when turned on. A cute Christmas verse on the chalkboard, spruce branches in a pitcher and Christmas balls in the colurs of sand and sea are easy to do and easy on the eyes.

Although there are still items on the to do list still to do that make it not picture perfect,
it is all perfect to me, 
right now. 

Enjoy the next week. 
In the midst of craziness, don't forget to take a moment for yourself. 
Pour a glass of wine, put on some beautiful music and light a beeswax candle and relax even if for 10 minutes.

And my prayers go out to the families of Connecticut who have suffered such a terrible loss.
It is so very very tragic and unimaginably sad beyond words. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stencilled stairs

Well Hello!
I have been so MIA lately. To be quite honest I haven't felt much like being on my computer when I get home from work.  I don't know about you but doesn't it seem like there is less time to do things after work now that the days are shorter? 

I have been doing a few small things here and there and wanted to show you our stairs that I added the simplest stencil to literally in minutes by just peel and stick. The quote is such a simple motto that is a nice reminder to me every time I pass by, to focus on the positive in life. I purchased it quite some time ago for about $10.00 if I recall correctly and had it stashed away in our upper back porch until I found a place for it.

I had previously told you that I wasn't sure about the solid turquoise stairs and may still paint the riser white but when I added the stencil,  the touch of black made me like them a little more like this. I have also hung some gorgeous beachy water colour artwork my mom painted and gave to me along with some other pictures and  a new lamp to our hall but I will share more photos once I finish a little something else that I have been meaning to do.

I also purchased for Emma, after going back 4 times to look at it and after reading all the great reviews  a new bed from Bowser dog beds. The reviews say that they last a long time and don't compress like the others do and are machine washable. This one is the doughnut style in Courtyard Grey that she just loves to curl up in  and I love the dark grey and white designer pattern which looks great in our living room.

So far I have half decorated  the house for Christmas and look forward to finishing the rest over the rest the of the week. We have been blessed with unseasonably unsnowy weather and that suits me just fine. It can hold off until Dec 24th and I won't be disappointed. 

I hope you are enjoying this time leading up to the holidays and making each moment of preparation a fun one.