Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new antique table

 Oh my gosh, I don't know about you but ever since the beautiful summer weather and Emma have arrived I have been enjoying a lot of outdoor time and it has been heaven. I've also been battling a tooth infection and any infection in the body taxes the immune system so it has challenged my energy levels as well. 
And as a result all things reno wise have been pushed aside but I have a long list I hope to tackle this long weekend finishing up some painting that is long overdue along with enjoying a night at the drive-in movies and some nice bbq'd dinners outside. 

 Like a proud mom though, I have to squeeze in  another photo of our little Emmie.
She is just so sweet and we can't believe how lucky we are.
Couldn't you just kiss that cute face.

And since we moved our dining room  parsons table into the kitchen in place of our island I have been on the look out for a pedestal table that has charm and character for our almost square dining room.
I'm hoping that this weekend I can bend Todd's arm to add to his very long to do list, trimming the new bamboo window blinds I bought for all the downstairs windows from the Restore for an amazing $20.00 a piece and then I will take some photos of the kitchen for you to see how the table looks. 
It's just so darn practical and I recall reading that there is a new kitchen design trend happening to bring the table back in the kitchen in place of the island as it feels more inviting, and, I agree, at least for our space it is.

I had previously posted about wanting a pedestal table for our dining room and loved the style of this one from Pier 1 Imports but it was made partly of MDF and was $500.00 or so and it did not have leaves to expand it so I never considered it.

 Here is another similar table in white that I also loved.

and a smaller version in an Empire style table

and here is the stunning antique empire pedestal table that I found on Kijiji!
What do you think!!! I love it!

It's 48"in diameter and opens to 6' long with the leaves so that is perfect when we want to entertain.
I know the table looks crooked but I took this picture after I had cleaned it up and lugged the base and top separately from our front porch to the dining room all by myself instead of waiting for Todd. It wasn't easy but I just couldn't wait. I managed to barely get the top on and didn't  want to move it anymore in fear of moving the base and having the casters scratch the floor.

and I sadly parted with my beloved coffee table as well since it would look funny having two round tables in adjacent rooms.  I have loved this pretty table and had it for years but it also took up a little too much space in our living room so I sold it on Kijiji and put the money towards our new table which was a steal for under $200.00.
It was a great drive to Burlington and we met up with the coffee table  buyers and then picked up our new table that was coincidently only one minute around the corner from there so it worked out perfect for everyone.

I'm not sure if it is maple or not and will check on it's value  before considering painting it.

I really love the empire style detail on the legs and the old wood casters.

and the opportunity to seat more people for dinner.

I also spotted this incredible new wallpaper on one of my favourite wallpaper sites Thibaut
and am absolutely gaga over it.

However, Thibaut is not a budget friendly wallpaper  and I believe there is a 3 roll minimum so it might not be an option unless I win the lotto!
Maybe I will luck out and find a stencil that is similar
which will be a lot cheaper and I won't feel so bad to paint over it if I get tired of it down the road.

Our Canada Day long weekend starts tomorrow and 
if your celebrating,  Happy Canada Day to you and I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

I have very similar taste in decor as you and have followed your blog for some time. I love your house and look forward to each post. I love the tables and yep that wallpaper sure is divine. Get better soon.

Serendipitous Home said...

Hello Anonymous!
Many thanks for your kind words, I'm flattered that you follow along on my little journey!