Monday, June 11, 2012

Kitchen change

It's been nothing short of a fantastic week to take vacation. I have been doing basically nothing to just relax and recharge along with spending time with Emma. She has been simply amazing and we can't believe how much we love her already. 

Reno wise Todd has been working on the fence outside and I have been doing absolutely 
We did make a recent change though.
After a little experiment I have decided to replace our island with our dining room table and chairs.

I know, I know, many people dream of having an island but ours was only seating for two which wasn't great when we had company over and it was higher than our window ledge which didn't feel right for the space visually. When I didn't feel well before, we never socialized and so that was ok but now that I am better and someone comes over, we are always in the kitchen.  Now we have seating for 4 for everyday use and 6 for entertaining and it actually makes the kitchen feel bigger even though the table is longer than the island was. I  lost storage but  after a thorough cleaning of my pantry and other cabinets, I  managed to relocate my pots and pans and other containers I kept in the island. The microwave is now on the counter next to the fridge which is not a perfect as you can see it from the front door so I will figure out something new for that.

I do just love how the texture of the wicker chairs and wood table warms up the kitchen and contrasts with the stone counters and marble backsplash. It's the beachy touch I was looking for all along.

I have scored some great new blinds for the windows too from the Restore for just $20.00 each and when I get them up and get the walls and trim repainted I will share it all with you.

Hope you have a great week and are able to stay cool.


Beach House Living said...

Looks so inviting!

Claudia said...


The kitchen is looking beautiful! Love the table in the kitchen. Fun to play games and gather around the table for chit chat.
Happy Summer! Looking forward to more posts.