Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Emma

Just when I think that I don't have enough energy for my dreams to come true, I turn another corner and my prayers are answered.

Her name is Emma!

She is a 5 year old CKC and AKC registered purebred rottweiler with Serbian Champion bloodlines.
We are adopting her from a code of ethics breeder in Kingston who has retired her from breeding and since they work full time  and currently have 6 other dogs, want her to go to a good home where she can get lots and lots of love. 
While most dogs don't want to be bothered when it is hot, in spite of the heat yesterday she came to us and leaned in as rotties do for a hug and a pat.

We started looking for another great adult rottie girl  a little while ago and I admit that I started to think that we wouldn't find another like the two unbelievable rottie girls we had previously. You see once you have owned a stable, well bred rottie you will never settle for another breed of dog or one that is not just the right temperment. They are so loyal and loving and if raised right, instinctively protective at the right time (which hopefully will never comes up).

Here is the last of Emma's babies, soooooo darn cute!
Ok, I admit, when I saw her before we met Emma, there was a moment when I thought, mmmmm, maybe we could take this gorgeous bundle of joy home.

This big dude named Enzo was partnered with Emma in her dog yard since she is in heat right now
(and we will bring her home once that is over ) and cannot go near any other females or unneutered males.  Sadly he was returned to them as his owner who bought him as a puppy had become to sick to care for him. This breeder is so amazing and provide life time support to all their puppy buyers and I know they will find a good home for him.

So on the home front, in anticipation of another dog, we have stained the kitchen floors and given one coat of varnish so far with three more to go and love them even more than I thought. 
I couldn't believe how the weight of the island had indented our floor which you can see in the middle of the room. 
Guess what?!!! 
We may not put it back!

Todd is working his tail off on the fence too which has to be done before we bring Emma home as well, so it will be a busy and exciting couple of weeks but I cannot tell you how excited I am.

Have a great week!

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Beach House Living said...

Emma enjoy your new home and retirement!