Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great fences make great neighbours.

 We have lived in our wonderful town for just over 11 years and we have been blessed to be surrounded for the most part with interesting and wonderful neighbours. We live on a corner lot and shortly after moving in, the town placed a mailbox right next to your backyard which meant that we had more people stopping by than others. 
I have to admit that after a long day working in a noisy store all day long with many interruptions to my design work, helping people, I have forever longed for an my own private oasis to come home to and unwind without having to speak to a sole if I choose to.
Well  Happy Day! 
After focusing so much on the interior of our house, we decided to bite the bullet and give ourselves a long time needed privacy fence.  

A few posts are in the ground so far and, well, I'm kind of speechless.
This is a much much needed addition to our lives and then we can
perhaps find another kind of addition!

Have a great rest of the week.

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