Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting some air

I realize that the pace that we complete our reno's is nothing short of uninspiring to others and I apologize to you for that but the ultimate goal in my life is balance (and extra rest when I need it).

That said, we decided to do a fun thing yesterday when the temperatures soared to an almost record breaking high. You see, our 134 year old windows have icky aluminum storms that were thoroughly siliconed on to prevent any air movement and the windows themselves were painted shut many years before we bought our home and maybe even many many years before that.
Well today Todd removed the storms, broke that paint seal and let the fresh breezes in!

They are  gorgeous two over two double hung sash windows that let beautiful east morning light fill the room. Now that the trim is white I don't think I can bring myself to cover them with curtains.
I like the idea of roman's or simple bamboo blinds.

before cleaning things were blurry
The glass is original and has many frozen pond like waves and bubbles in it and when the sun
shines through them they are unlike any other new window I've ever seen.

after, sparkling and crystal clear

Now when it's stifling outside in the summer time we can open these up to let the night breezes cool the house down.
The outside needs some work to but we'll get to that when the weather is consistently warmer and Todd is going to make some wood storms for them.

Did you know that if you properly storm your windows with a wood storm and the windows are in good shape that they have a favourable R factor. The old growth pine is so dense and when painted and maintained will last indefinitely. Since we have insulated almost all the house we have made many great energy improvements and savings and so keeping these windows is great to let a little fresh air still in. I believe a lot of people are getting sick  from renovation products that off gas in their super sealed homes and they don't even know what is causing them to feel unwell. 

On another note, Todd came down yesterday morning to find me sitting on the floor in our primed white room enjoying my green tea and the morning sunlight pouring in and sweetly offered to haul the loveseat in there for me to sit on and it was so nice. Before the reno we sat in this seriously drafty room with ugly peeling, painted over wallpaper for so long and now it feels like a breath of fresh air even before it is done.

I spent the day today caulking the ceiling and can I shout
OMG. Is it possible to fall in love with a ceiling. 
Todd is finishing the last two coffers as I type and because I ran out of steam and hit a nice soak in the tub to ease my aching neck muscles after whipping up a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner. 
I can't wait to show you!
Have a great week!

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Green Willow Pond said...

That coffered ceiling is gorgeous! I just love it with the beadboard. We have an old farmhouse over 100 years old too. Most of the windows here were painted shut too. We've managed to pry them all open. I agree with you about modern homes being too well sealed. Sometimes on warmer winter days, I open a couple of windows for a little while to let some fresh air in.