Friday, March 16, 2012

Little pain big gain

No it's not a new kitchen design, Todd has started sanding the floors in the living room and dining room. He removed the island which sat where you can see the dark brown area which was what the floors were once before. He moved the loveseat into the kitchen and even hooked the TV up so we can still relax. Isn't it amazing how you can manage in just one room if you had to? Sure looks cozy doesn't it and I must confess, I loved watching tv while making dinner and my ultimate dream kitchen has a sofa in it so this is pretty close to perfect for me.

He moved our two large comfy chairs upstairs from the front porch and then moved our sofa out there along with the island and I loved the change of a sofa out there too!  That is where the island and my pots and pans are for now until we are done. I must be nuts or just really needing a change I guess but one thing for sure is I'm glad that we are not clutter bugs or this entire process would have been so difficult. 

We are trying to get things done because we are looking for a new addition to our family soon!

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