Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love Seat VS Chairs

I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the holidays. We are just getting out of our holding pattern from Todd's knee injury which has lasted an entire month and boy do I feel behind in life in general. Of course nothing has happened in our living room as a result and we won't even be able to have a tree set up as a result which is starting to make me sad but that is a sacrifice of renovations.

  I recently posted about our purchase of the Ikea Ektorp white chairs with ottomans during their buy one get the other half off and they were to replace the love seat in our new living room design once it is completed. So after spending many days on the love seat  which I've pictured here squished into our dining room set up temporarily as our living room. Todd said he likes sitting on it after all with the ottoman in front of it and doesn't want to keep the chairs now as he likes it better when he has an ottoman to put his feet up on in front of it.


 We found this piece in a great second hand store in Toronto many years ago for just $350.00. It is good quality heavy construction, hardwood frame with incredible down filled cushions and has the same william birch style as our sofa. Although beautiful, the good quality linen fabric was not our taste and so I had custom slipcovers made for it and the sofa which we previously found on sale as a floor model in a red chenille fabric that was also not to my liking as well. I found the twill on sale for $7.00 a yard and we had an extremely talented seamstress friend make them for a great price and I have loved them ever since. 

I still have to refinish the legs in a dark stain to match the sofa and can't believe I've left it all these years. 
I admit I'm torn about this decision because I know the chairs would be great but in the end can't bring myself to trade down in quality. I know Ikea is decent but it is no where near this quality. We will have to see how it all plans out once the room is finished. I guess in a perfect world I would sell the love seat and if money was no object I would go get two top quality chairs instead.
So it's back to Ikea we go and money back in our pockets!

She is a timeless classic.

So I'm pleasantly surprised lately as I have been able to resume my walking with my friend Joanne and now that the cold weather is here we  just love this time of year and seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations that people do to their homes. It truly is a magical time.
We live in a quaint little village on the top of the hill with the main street located in it's valley. I have been staying away from the hills until I had the stamina but two nights ago when she asked me if I wanted to try I said let's!
Low and behold I spotted something at the curb of a house in the busiest part of town and could not believe my eyes that someone would throw it out. Joanne says to me, let's hurry home and get Todd's truck to pick it up. I looked at her like, are you nuts? "It's not going to last that long" So I picked it up and sneakily stuck it back up in front of the home owners vehicle where no one would see it until we got back in time to get it. It is a solid wood table that the round table top was warped. We removed it as it is unrepairable and will replace it and with a low effort  makeover is  going to be an amazing little table for our home and it is the kind of deal I love,

Now I'd better get my butt out of my pyjamas and get stuff done, this house is like a bomb hit it and I can't take it anymore!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Muddaritaville said...

Don't you love it when you find great items like that, I love the styling of it.


Serendipitous Home said...

Hey Jo,
Long time, how you doing, I think I will pop over and yes I wish I found more deals like this one! LOL!