Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sheffield School

Well I'm up early on my day off, a new thing for me. I usually sleep in a couple of hours thinking it will help me recover from my adrenal insufficiency but I now understand that it makes me feel worse in the end. I came upon this realization when we had the recent time change and it really threw me off so perhaps sticking to a regular schedule of going to bed and getting up will make a great difference.

Quite some time ago when I didn't know what was making me sick I was trying my best to be optimistic and ordered the interior design course from Sheffield school at a great discount.  I have already completed my Associate Kitchen Designer course from the NKBA by correspondence in spite of my condition and thought I should give it a try. Well, getting to it never happened. Now time is running out  and even though I have a huge list of things that I want to do around this house now that I have more energy I must put them aside to focus on my course which will entail 10 or more hours a week along with working full time.
I have been inspired by many who have completed this course and seen the quality of their work and so I really am excited about what this course has to offer.

On another note I would love to share more living room photos but sadly my honey has injured his knee at work and has been on the sofa for a week now in serious pain and unable to walk let alone work. He is miserable and I hope he recovers fast the poor guy.

Have a great weekend!

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