Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting a little Christmas on

This weekend was nothing short of spectacular weather wise, and I was in the mood to stay home yesterday and try to add a little festive decor to our home in spite of the fact that we are under renovations in our living room and front hallway.


 My little tree graced our front porch antique table

and holds a special meaning to me 

I kept it simple and used very little to create an uncluttered
impact with decor I already had.

I simply adore sugar cones, there beautiful shape and texture

Our front door is one of my favourite things about our home with all it's aged crackled patina and original old wavy glass. 

The sun poured in and even though this is an uninsulated and unheated porch it gets  as warm as the rest of the house on winter days like this and is such a cozy place to sit. 

A strand of red berries and lights make our back porch  glow and is welcoming to come home to when
it is dark after a long day.

After a trip to Ikea to return the chairs and one ottoman I couldn't resist the great day and got outside to trim some branches off our pine, spruce and cedar trees for our window box on the garage. Then I took a drive to mom and dads for a quick hello and to steal some dogwood from their back yard which was the reddest dogwood I've ever seen. When we put this planter box up last summer, I had grand visions of it at Christmas and it has turned out much to my liking at no cost at all.

Hope you have a great week!

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