Wednesday, August 31, 2011

White is in Sight and meet Lily

Well I am off to a much later start than I had wanted in painting the kitchen cabinets on my vacation but that is the way things go with me, I never can tell what each day will bring with how I feel but today I got at it, did a paint store run for a can of Benjamin Moores Snowfall White mixed into a can of Cabinet Coat enamel and then removed the doors, tsp cleaned them and sanded all cream coloured doors except 


 Now here is a good tip, it is not a good idea to put handles on a sink false drawer front just for looks and then install a sink after if you ever plan to change them later on and not the sink. We can't get at the screws to do that so I will have to carefully paint around the handles for now and when we eventually change the sink we can remove the drawer front to do it properly.

Tomorrow I will get the doors primed, clean and sand the boxes and trim and if time allows I will get a coat of paint on the doors too. 
Oh this is so exciting! I have been dreaming of a white kitchen for too long.

and now allow me to introduce you to 
the baby pot bellied pig.
Isn't she adorable?!                                    

As you may know we frequent the drive-in in the summer time and low and behold,
a young girl decided to bring her pet pig Lilly in her gorgeous pink harness. Lily was too busy rooting around in the gravel, munching away to pay any attention to us.

This little lady could grow to be 200 pounds if her owners fed her enough or they could keep her weight down by feeding her less. She sleeps on her owners bed and she climbs up on the couch and snuggles.
Can you believe it!!!

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