Thursday, September 1, 2011

Step One Complete

I'm quite excited to announce that the primer coat step is complete on the cream cabinets.
As you can see the pantry doors are still stained wood but they will have to be done another time after our vacation. I have been focusing on the cream cabinets first. Gosh I think the primer alone looks so fresh and pretty, I can't wait to see what the enamel will look like.

Even though Cabinet Coat says you don't have to prime and after testing 3 coats of it on my light rail, I decided one coat of primer 2 coats enamel is the cheaper way to go. Again, avoiding fumes which are brutal for me with my chemical sensitivies I picked this urethane acrylic bonding primer by the same company as Cabinet Coat.

It is nice to have an empty room to do this in with floors that you don't have to worry about since it is going to be renovated anyway.

Todd removed the glass from the doors for me because I no longer preferred it's pattern and want clear glass instead.

 and here are some doors primed on site that had to remain in place since their removal both impossible and next to impossible. Oh and check out the pretty latex gloves that I just adore that one of my sweet customers gave me as a thank you gift.  It certainly makes one feel extra special when she is washing up the dishes!

Well I'm just having a quick green tea and carob chip snack break and then it's back to work!

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