Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Pretty Recycle Center and Todd's Pick

Well I have been off on vacation for 3 days now and have felt crummy. I had such plans to get going on the kitchen painting and so I will have to see what I can do before we leave for the second week off. In spite of it all the weather has been just slam dunk perfection.

So with nothing new to show you I realized that I never blogged about our new recycle and storage center that I designed and Todd built for us since the custom doors went on.

 I just love them!

Sorry this picture  is a little blurry, I have the shakes a little today. These baskets which funnny enough   are the perfect size, came from inside my mudroom sink cabinet and I don't mind putting them here since it was a shame to hide them anyway.

The recycle bin is actually out at the curb right now but it fits perfectly into the cubby. One day when we have a dog again, I will use the tall cabinets to store dog food and all his or her doggie stuff along with extra supplies like paper towels, canned goods etc.  

As you can see I still need to paint the floor and am going to try a latex porch enamel and see how it holds up. I wanted to have a nice trim piece under the dark wood shelf but that meant making it deeper and it is already a tight space for moving items up and down the stairs so we opted out of that decorative option.

I also thought I would share this little beauty too that my sweetie found at Home Sense. Every time I ask him if he likes something, he says, "don't ask me" as he knows that I will get it anyway but this time he said "I like it" so I couldn't say no.

 It is a heavy solid wood piece that fits perfectly into this little niche in our now living room that will one day again be our dining room once our living room renovations are all complete. 

I'm not sure what kind of wood this is but I just love the grain and the deep amber colour of it.

I have this great picture frame also from Home Sense for just $16.00 with the matte included and want to find one of my favourite's, an antique sea coral print in an 11" x 14" to put on the wall above it.  

This is the exact one I want from etsy but she can only print it in an 8x10 size.  
I suppose I could buy it anyway and have it enlarged if I can't find another in the right size.

Hope you are having a good week!

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Memory Lane Cottage said...

Your storage area looks fabulous!
I love the light.