Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach print finds a home

It is a simply beautiful day today, my second off and since I felt better than yesterday,  I've managed to finish  all my house work with some time to spare so I thought I would hang my new print in our bedroom above my console table that I picked up from Kijiji for $75.00. It was originally in our front hall but I think it is perfect here. 

This is a horse hair plaster wall and I prayed it would not crumble when I drilled into it but I guess it was  not my lucky day.  I was going to use the 3M hooks but it would have pushed the picture out from the wall too much.  I love that the edges of this print are taupe and not black.  The original wall sconce with it's little turn key switch  is in a poor location for placing items on this wall and so we will either relocate it or remove it altogether. For now I will spray it white which I don't mind doing since   I verified with an salvage yard that it is not a precious antique.

Our master bedroom is a small room at just under 11 feet x 12 feet and I love it that way. I'm not sure why people feel they have to have massive square footage just to sleep and . . . .

There is no TV in our bedroom because I believe that the bedroom should be a place of peaceful relaxation and sleep and it is said that the blue light from computer  and TV screens disrupts important melatonin production while you sleep.  I want a white slipcovered chair for the corner under the mirror because even though it is a small room it can still fit small scale pieces in it to make it feel larger and cozy.

Now this vintage beauty with it's timeless classic lines that I picked up from Value Village for $40.00 years ago, may not look so grand in it's colour scheme but could seriously resemble a very very expensive Shabby Chic Couture slipcovered chair by Rachel Ashwell if it had it's own slipcover. I will have to decide if it is worth it or perhaps find a deal on a second hand already slipcovered chair instead.  I would love to be able to make a slipcover myself but know that it would be quite a challenge for someone who has only ever sewn pillows before.

Shabby Chic Couture Renee chair

Such a shame that the colours are not different as the detail and plush softness in this fabric that is in impeccable shape is oh so sumptuous to the touch.

   Even though we have put renovating the hallway on hold,  I'm still dying to buy my favourite light (which I have saved up for selling some items on Kijiji)  anyway and hang it in the hallway in front of our door to our bedroom.

I am still making little changes to the bedroom so it feels just right and will share more soon.


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