Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mom

Daisy, tried and true, Mom's favourite flower.

I hope everyone had a decadently spoiled Mother's day. 

So I spent the day celebrating my own incredibly wonderful Mom.

My mom has had a tough go the last few years and so she just wanted to stay home
and enjoy the sunshine, her garden and the sound of the  birds chirping
 with the company of two of her four kids and her grandson.
 We had such a great time together along with my older sister and her son.
It was nothing fancy, bbq steak and salad and lots of good conversation.

So many of you women are doing it all, raising kids, working full time all the while 
running a home and I don't know how on earth you do it ladies. You are this 
days definition of "SUPER HEROES"!
There are a couple of you in my family as well 
(not going to say who you are)
but here is a little story that I hope reminds 
you that you are also as important as your children.

My mom was also a super hero. 
You see she did something unbelievable. She had her young brood at home
to look after and she went back to school starting at her grade 8 education all the way through
high school, then university and then teachers college to become a teacher!
(gosh I'm pooped just thinking about that) 
We didn't even live near the university and she made the
long commute back and forth on transit and stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning 
studying and writing papers. 
I'm sure it was a very hard decision 
she made to sacrifice time with us and my dad 
(dad, thanks for all you did for us during  that time) 
but she did this for herself and in return it taught me that 
you have to value yourself, set your goals and go after them. 
That is a priceless life lesson she gave us that I now know why
 I was able to accomplish many of
my goals I have, without ever thinking failure 
was an option. 

The sun shined all day and I am thankful for feeling well on that day,
 being able to be present in the moment and  I enjoyed each and every second of the 
time we all shared together.

Thanks Mom for being 

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