Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Heritage Home's Custom Fence

We have wonderful friends, who own
a gorgeous Ontario heritage plaqued  home
just two doors down and they have 
asked Todd to build a custom  lattice cedar

This is not your ordinary lattice that 
you buy at any lumber store.

 The small piece on the right shows how each and every piece
is notched and then laid one over the other.

I just love lattice incorporated into a fence design and
want to use it in our own backyard fence one day. This piece will 
top the solid boards.

The top of the lattice is pitched like a roof for 
the water to roll off.

Here is one section completed and is  boarded on both sides.

Another two sections, one with a window lattice and another
 steps down to allow 
more of a view as it reaches
the front of the property.

My honey and a proud home owner.
Hopefully the weather will remain nice enough to finish 
the fence in the next couple of days and I will share it 
with you when it is done.

If you need a fence built 
(or anything else for that matter)
and live in York or Durham region, 
now you know who to call!


Deb said...

Gorgeous fence...I just love it! Your hubby does amazing work! ~Deb~

Toronto Fences said...

It looks great! And I love the idea of a no-maintenance fence!

Toronto Fences