Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fence Fever and 2nd post for the day!

So today I'm laid up, home from work
feeling very under the weather and able to do nothing except sleep or sit and type.
All winter long we talked about starting to renovate this room, a full gut, insulate etc.

The sun now brighter doesn't make it feel so terrible, 
don't get me wrong I am itching for it to be done but we 
aren't inside much of the summer anyway except later in the evening.

                  We have lived 10 years with no privacy in our back yard.
       We also have the blessing of             
the streets mail box right next to us. 
We love our neighbours and the view 
looking down our tree lined historical street but
we need a respite from all who wander past.
It will also add value to our corner lot property.
 Seeing the beautiful fence I recently blogged about that Todd is just finishing for our
neighbour's Dave and Pegg has been even more motivation.

If we won the lotto then we could have both this summer but I think the fence
has won out over the living room.
 Poor Todd, he gets so tired of me changing my mind.

At least this room doesn't look like this anymore!

So I had painted that horrid wallpaper with a leftover can of paint 
and could maybe paint it again (with a cheap can of mistint of course) 
to get us by for one more season.
Would you or would you just wait to renovate?

What we bought 10 years ago. 

And how we have given her a fresher prettier look.

Our backyard quite a few years ago already 
very well established with trees and flowers.

Todd worked hard one summer with his friend Jason moving these
rocks here and then he  planted the trees to make the mailbox
not such an eye sore. It also prevented people from
tacking their unsightly notices on it too.

A couple of years ago we added a little deck off just off the back door and a gazebo.
I searched everywhere to no avail  for an affordable white gazebo and settled on this

 I have always love the romantic historical charm of a picket fence and
pulled this photo from my binder of inspiration pictures. 
I love the curved top line but it will not provide us with the privacy
we need on the lower part. 

Photo from This Old House

This design would definitely provide privacy and I know Todd is a big
fan of the lattice more than pickets. I love lattice too but 
wonder how you deal with repainting down the road. Will it be 

Photo from Canadian House and Home magazine

And so it begins.
Late yesterday afternoon Todd and his friend Jason removed half of this hedge  
which runs across the back of our yard to make way
for the new fence and transplanted it in
Jason's yard.

It will not be a fast process, to be done on Todd's free time and 
that is good as it will give me some time to figure out the design.

If you have a fence you would like to share as an idea or sites I could check out, please
let me know. 


Starwood Country Creations said...

What are you planning for your Living room it has fabulous bones! I'm hooked on the bright whites of the rest of your home so I'd just paint the trim white, paint the walls a pale blue/white or faint turquoise (I love your coffee table btw, accent cushions to add colour and boom! your done! (see how easy that was, of course I don't take into account the energy required to do all this)


Serendipitous Home said...

Hey Jo,
Yes, I feel really really lucky to have such a great potential room. Todd won't let me touch the trim because it has to be removed for the reno but it WILL be white eventually. I may consider a blue but not until I change the a hallway which is a blue green turquoise.
The coffee table was a kitchen table from Value Village for $40.00 that Todd chopped down to coffee table height for me and I painted it. (many times!).
Boy how did you know that my cushions are old and could use replacing?


Jane Coslick said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting my blog and inspiring me with yours. lets keep in touch