Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Woman's Perrogative

Hi all, 
Well it's been a very dramatic couple of days, neighbours all talking upset about the 
trees coming down. The owners words to me  when I questioned him was, 
I don't care about trees the way you do. We are all still very upset and there is something
not right when the company assessing the trees health is also the one awarded the
job to remove it for probably in the sum of $5000.00.

I decided to give my brain a cooling from the anger I felt and
 spent a great day yesterday gardening. We also had a wonderful surprise visit from Josh
and our cutie patootie grandprecious Carrera. It was so great to see them and 
wish they didn't live so far away so we could see them more often.

I thought I would show you about another powder room change, (yes another!)
that I'm excited about. 

So our powder room originally had this mirror in it which I moved to 
our bedroom,

and I replaced it with this weathered wood  one I found at Home Sense,

but I soooo much love this mirror in this powder room
designed by Molly Frey that I 

photo by Molly Frey Design

just could not, absolutely could not pass on this one when I saw
it again at Home Sense marked down due to a little easily fixed damage.
I returned the other one and spent a little more to 
get this one and am a happier camper now.

So I'm filling holes and dings that you can see where the lighter marks are and am going to 
lighten it up so it looks like the one above. 

I'm up early for once for a day off
 and the sun is shining this morning (at least it is right now) 
 so I'm excited for another great day, hope your is too!

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