Friday, May 27, 2011

How Can They?

Our young neighbours behind us are taking this 100 year old maple down. It is massive and overhangs
our back garden.
It is one of many that line this side of our street that were apparently planted
by one of the Brooks family. 
The neighbours who don't do anything to maintain their yard ever or their home 
(the previous owners slaved over it with love and care) 
and have decided to pave the front of their yard
 for a third parking spot. You see there is just two of them and they have three cars. 

Surely makes sense doesn't it, if mother nature is in the way just cut her down!
I agree she needs some trimming but it certainly is no where near dead. 

This is going to change our streets landscape forever and it makes me very angry.
 When I come home tonight, she will be gone.
I am not happy, not one bit.

Now I learn this afternoon that the second tree is coming down as well.. I called the town and they said
the trees were inspected by three parties and they said they were dead.
Well guess what, they are wrong, Todd saw the trunks and they are not hollow inside nor dead.
Someone has  made a grave mistake and I told the town's office I believe they have but they don't care.
I wish there was something I could have done to prevent this and now every time I look out my back door I will be reminded that I didn't.



Beach House Living said...

That's sad isn't it. Trees are so important and the older the better they are for the environment. We had a lovely tree across the way from us that when the sun set behind it was beautiful. Many tried to stop it from being removed but they had already begun to remove it's limbs and then left it like that until it slowly did die. Our sunrises and sunsets were never the same.

Serendipitous Home said...

Hello Ms Beach House,

I'm sorry to hear about your tree too. I just don't get people. Our neighbours obviously have more money than brains is all I can say.