Friday, June 3, 2011

My Best Find Yet

I have long since loved the simple and almost nautical feel of the globe pendant light 
like this one called "Calhoun" by Pottery Barn.
At $149.00US and the fact it is not available in Canada I just put it out of my mind 
that I would have one.

But today I frequented my favourite antique haunt on the last 15 minutes
of my lunch, and spotted this sitting up on top of a shelf. I thought for a second
it will be too much and saw a sticker marked 200.

I brought it down off the shelf it was on and realized that it was $2.00!

It is missing a ceiling canopy which is easily found 
and it's brass finish can be changed with
oil rubbed bronze spray paint and I actually think the smoked 
glass will cast a more forgiving kind of light when turned on.

Add one of these beautiful old fashioned filament bulbs and
I will have a stunner of a globe pendant light for less
than 1/15th of the price of a new one.

Now I just have to convince someone  else to
let me hang it somewhere in our house!

What is your best find?

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