Monday, April 25, 2011

Little mudroom addition

Hello all!
So last week we had this, I was so so not happy.  I am not a 
snow lover unlike my friend Joanne who I saw out walking in it,
 stopped by and told me that she threw her coat on
in a hurry so she could get out there because it 
was sooooo pretty, 

But alas the snow left us for good (I hope)
and now we have flowers!

I just love how a little shot of colour can make 
a room come alive. 
I was not sure what would fill this little niche and 
I used to have a basket hanging here for 
dirty tea towels but I really and truly needed a place
for us to set our keys and drinking cups
down when we walk in the door.

Since our upper walls are a beautiful soft dove grey,
actually Sarah Richardson's "Promise" by Para I 
loved that I didn't have to do a thing to it as it
is already a beach wood weathered grey.

Along with round shapes I love crisscross 
shapes as well and this table is not only serving a 
greatly needed purpose but adds a nice
detail and texture that I knew was missing.

I added another shot of my fav colour turquoise for 
0 dollars with empty gin bottles
(no not mine!)
  and I placed them
in a tool box that I found at an antique market for $15.00 
and sprayed white 
(the fake copper paint was not doing it for me)

This weekend has been wonderful, full of rest, relaxation, a 
nice dinner and visit with my mom and dad, good homemade greek food,
sunshine, fresh air and a little yard work. 

Last year at this time all of that would not have been possible
and I am so grateful to finally be living!



Claudia said...


Love the crisscross table. It looks so pretty sitting there with your beautiful flowers.
Also loving the turquoise bottles. I try to find those everytime I go to my favorite antique shop. Love them!
It all looks so pretty..
It inspired to go to the flower shop and bring in some color this morning. Still gray and cold here in Massachusetts. CA withdrawals. I need to move to a state with sunshine. LOL
Take care,

Starwood Country Creations said...

Darn I wish I'd saved those gin bottles from High School!