Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good News! and A day of Peace

Well I think we can finally breathe a little. Todd's mom was told she
does not have cancer and did not have a biopsy after all but will be going for
some type of treatment. You see Todd and I were with  her for her first appointment with the neurosurgeon at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto and
so we had made arrangements with other family members to be there
for the second appointment  since we both had to work and could not make it 
but for what ever reason, they did not go, so she took in all the
important details all on her own with no support. 
She was released from the hospital the same day and is now home.
I'm still confused as to what they saw and then didn't see on her scans
but am grateful she is home  and doing well.

As a cancer survivor myself I want to say that it is always important
that a friend of family member is there in your doctor's appointments
so they can be a second set of ears for you and take notes and help you ask questions.
 Your brain does not work properly under the stress of a potential diagnosis
 and that extra moral support makes all the difference for sure.

I am reading an excellent book called "Are you Tired and Wired" a
new release by Marcelle Pick and I am taking a lesson from it and
giving myself a "Day of Peace" tomorrow, Good Friday.
You see as my health improves I find myself
making the big list of renovation tasks to get done because I think hey,
at least I might have some energy to do them,
but now realize that to my own detriment in the past
I have not allowed any time in our lives
for rest and relaxation.
So for tomorrow, there will be
no cell phones, no tv, no radio, no computer.
We both need to recharge a little and I think a nice
drive to anywhere in the surrounding
countryside will be just the ticket for us.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.


Claudia said...


I am so glad to hear your mother n law received good news. Such a relief!!
Take it easy and have a wonderful weekend. We are taking the redeye tonight but enjoying the rest of the day in the sun before heading back to the cold weather in Boston.
Take care,

Serendipitous Home said...

Yes, it is such a relief!
A trip! How nice, have a super time!
It feels almost like spring here today.