Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Solo Shopping Time

Hey all, just thought I'd squeeze in what I did while solo this weekend
 before I show you some fun shopping pics.
I stayed up late the night before last to get a coat of primer on the wood work. I love the
old doors in this house. They are solid and heavy and made by hand 130 years ago. 
Todd had previously stripped it of it's lead paint outside one summer and now it has one coat of 
Binn primer.

Now this one is another story. The hall side was shellac finish just like the
one behind it in the hall and the bedroom side
still has a scary easily chipped off layer of high gloss lead paint.
For now I'm going to prime and paint 
the hall side and leave the other side until the weather is better
 for a proper and safe paint removal.

All our doors have rim locks and strangely one day this
one decided to lock on it's own and we thought we were never going
to get it open. Todd had to take a crow bar to it.  There was
some door damage and we sourced out a new, old rim lock for it
without a privacy catch so that won't happen again (at least on this door).

It is so flakey because lead paint over old milk paint is like oil paint
over water based paint. It won't stick. So scary if you have kids or pets. 

Now I know some of you hit the stores on a regular basis 
scoring all kinds of awesome finds and deals and you really have to go often to get them.
 I live in one small town and drive east  to go to work in another  small town 
and on Mondays we drive 20 minutes west
for groceries and if there is time or if nothing frozen will melt we
quickly pop into Home Sense.  

Hubs is so sweet to entertain my need
to just look, mostly never buy anything but to just still look but I never really
take my time but today was a different story and boy did I have a good time
all by my self.

If I could I would snafu this baby for our bedroom, I just love it to bits.
I would probably lighten it up a bit with a grey wash.

M favourite carpet, sisal with Todd's favourite, animal print border

Another great mirror

They are too big for our home
but these Ralph Lauren lamps with their
turquoise crackle glaze caught my eye

A great set of chairs that would look 
awesome around anyone's table

I have plans to change our hallway colour
and can imagine a hit of turquoise in a little
lamp like this one on the desk. Not keen 
on the shade though, feels a little
grammaish to me.

I was ultimately searching for our bedroom lamps and wondered
if these would be a nice contemporary contrast to our curvy 
headboard, alas, they are to modern and too short and 
no tri light which is nice in a bedroom. 

These were a set for $30.00 which I thought was pretty good.

This larger one is a nice statement piece if you like to inject some 
frenchy shabby character for 

Now I think these and the wood mirror
are my hands down favourites. They are
Ralph Lauren down filled with button 
closures, gorgeous quality and just $24.99 each.
and to boot there were four of them, so rare.

Now as you may know Mom paints and I would love for 
her to paint some watery beach inspired art for us
and this one definitely caught my eye.

Ok I almost snapped this one up for sure. I imagine it on 
the wall opposite our bed. I just drool over the colours 
and it's composition. 

I'm not a plant girl, kill them with love if you know what I mean but 
if I could find a spot in our bedroom for one I would
pic one of these babies for it. Love the texture.

Or maybe this one in a smaller version.
I'm gaga for the x design. 

But here is the most exciting part of my day. 
Before Home Sense I popped in to our Real Canadian Superstore 
to pick up a few groceries and wondered if they had shadow boxes, they' didn't, 
but I did find these great real wood frames and matts, 4 left on sale for  just 
$9.99. I was not sure about spending $40.00 but just the night before 
while leafing through my magazines in bed realized I needed a hit of dark 
in the room and the shell prints were  perhaps too white after all.

So I hauled them to the cash and asked if I could return them if I change my mind. 
NOPE final sale. 
Darn it, I love to change my mind,
 so I said ok as I have seen plastic ones for that price.
 She scanned one and asks me, does $3.94 sound correct.  
Oh duh, yes of course it does!
They were originally $12.99 so I got 4 for the price of one!
Did I feel smug and can't wait to show my honey as he loves black.

A nice detail is the amber wood showing underneath the black.

So I didn't find our bedroom lamps
 (I really want the clear glass ones at Crate and Barrell 
that look like this  but 
 can't afford them)

 but I did find a nice birthday gift at for 
our little Carrera so it was not a bust for sure.
I also learned that Mondays are NOT the day to go to Home Sense.
I always thought that store was terrible for selection, but I had a nice conversation with a young store clerk and the truth is they get trucks all week long starting late Monday which is not
unpacked until Tuesday and by the time I get there Monday afternoon  
 all the good stuff is gone. YIPPPEEEE now I know the little secret
and can join the "Elite Deal Shoppers Club"!

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Claudia said...


Love this post! I want to go to HomeSense. Everything you posted looks so yummy to that chair, mirrors, and the prints you found. So great!! I wish Homesense was around here. I have been sprucing up our house with a few Spring items!
Happy Decorating and the house is looking fabulous. It's so pretty!!!
Have a good week. Claudia