Monday, April 4, 2011

Hallway Plans

We are still working on the final details of the bedroom
which I can't way to share with you and 
 are now making plans to give our hallway
some long awaited attention.

Yesterday was not as warm but the sun shone strongly so I snapped some
what will be the before photos of our upstairs hallway. There
is tons of work to do to transform this space and

I can visualize  what it will look like so clearly.

The horsehair plaster walls are
so uneven and I have just the fix for them.
As we are on an almost non budget we 
have decided to go with  Martha Stewart beadboard wallpaper 
for about three times less than real beadboard. We 
will take it 3/4's of the way up the wall 
for a dramatic effect like the above photo of our mudroom and cap it with a nice
chunky chair rail. All the door mouldings upstairs are from 1878 and 
do not match the arts and crafts trim on the landing and in most
of the downstairs. So the question is do we do a simple
shaker style cap like at the top like this one or something more
moulded like the doorways?

I really love the all white look of this hallway, so crisp and clean and how
about some smaller hooks to hang some pictures from?

Canadian House and Home Magazine

It is going to be a lot of elbow grease 
painting out all the old shellac covered 
 doorways, all 6 of them and  2 built-in cupboards.
I just love this linen cupboard and it's drawers below.
They are so deep and hold all kinds of stuff. When I pulled
out one of the drawers many years ago, I discovered this
incredible hand blocked wallpaper. I was in awe over it for such a long
time and was told it is french by a local museum staff at a museum nearby.
The colours are jewel red, blues and greens and it must have covered the
entire hallway at one time.

Todd installed one of our new $19.00 brushed nickel track lights here but it 
will be moved further down the hall and replaced with my all time favourite,
a moravian star light in an antique bronze finish.

I would love for this weird bulkhead to go like yesterday
as it seems to suit no purpose whatsoever and is
such an ugly distraction.  I love the colour of the old oak floors 
and think they will just pop once we paint all the trim white.

I loved the original push button light switches when
we moved in but not the hazard with old wiring. We 
bought up to code safe push button light switch boxes 
to put behind the old brass plates and had them rewired.
I'll have to give this one a little polish with spring 
cleaning soon.

This south facing set of windows and 36" wide niche has great potential and 
looks out over the farm fields across the street. Todd installed another
of the new track lights.  

I think a chaise would be divine here
as a little reading, studying or blogging 
getaway and a think that would be 
a great wall for pictures and 

So for the longest time we thought this 
cupboard was a writing desk positioned to 
capture the southern light but a neighbour
thinks it is a place to fold linens.

I use it to store all our old home history records, wallpaper pieces and
other important historical pieces collected from the renovations. 
So what do you think it is, a writing desk or a linen folding desk
or maybe both?

So much work, so little time,

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Wow, what a place you have! It takes a lot of courage along with the expense to take on such a home.

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