Friday, March 25, 2011

Paint the Wood!

Hello, I'm having a couple of much needed recuperative last minute vacation 
days off from work. I chipped away at
some bedroom painting yesterday which was a beautiful and sunny but 
cold day. I can take the cold as long as I have some sunshine to pour in
through our windows.  As I said our in my last post our hallway needs 
a ton of work upstairs. This is what the downstairs looked
like when we moved in. A dust holding dirty grasscloth like wallpaper
covered the unpainted and very rough plaster walls and the faux
grained shellacked wood was in very bad shape. 

I was over the moon about all our original mouldings and drooled
over pictures of in my favourite shelter magazines of arts and crafts
trim painted white.

Except for the kitchen, carpet covered the stairs and the main floor of our home
including the front hall and we immediately ripped it up 
to reveal wood below, most of it in bad shape.

I apologize to those who are restorationists, I don't believe in ripping out 
old original architectural features such as trim and windows but I do believe
that we don't have to live in the 18th century either if it is not our cup of tea.

Interestingly enough, our home was originally built in 1878 and 
all the trim was painted with milk based paints, then in 1915 it was renovated and some of that
trim was painted over and some was faux grained to look like wood over the paint (as in our upstairs).

This was move in day 10 years ago and you can see the icky carpet
on the floor. 

Don't miss that wallpaper one bit! 
Check out the pattern, it's actually back in style now
in more contemporary colours.

Even though I loved looking at painted wood trim in the magazines
I was so afraid that I would regret it if we did it. 

But after it was done I never doubted our decision. 
Funny thing is that Todd was always for painting it without hesitation,
most men are not.

The next couple of shots are from years ago
after we stripped all the wallpaper
and painted the trim.

The floors still have work
needed, previously patched in pieces. I would
like to keep it and fix it as I love the amber tones
and patina in the oak, Todd wants to
rip it out and lay tile. Heck I can't even get
him to do a temporary refresh just to 
make it look nice until we 
decide what we are doing.

He made the doggy gate as our rottie girl at the time
 had leg surgery and was determined
to push over any temporary gates we used.
It is such a clever and simple idea  if you want to 
keep your pooches out of the upstairs.

My favourite thing was how the mirano glass windows 
pop surrounded with white.

This weekend we are going to see our cutie grandprecious Carrera who is
one year old! I can't believe it has been a year already and we are so looking forward to seeing them.

Grampa Todd and Carrera 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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