Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bedroom update and a really sweet deal

We are no longer sleeping on the mattress on the floor and have moved 
the newly painted furniture back in. 
Don't you just love the power of paint and how it transforms
a space so easily! That is all we have spent money
on so far which makes me VERY VERY HAPPY.

I think the $20.00 dresser turned out nicely and 
Todd did a good job on the bottom to make
it look similar to the other dresser. 
I still have to choose some new knobs and I think a darker 
metal will add a little punch in here.
We hung the drapes temporarily but I took them down
to let enough light in for the picture.
I had purchased a new bamboo blind that you can
get a blackout liner for but I  returned it after I 
figured out it would be much cheaper
to  keep our existing bamboo blind and
line my curtains myself or make my own 
blackout liner for our existing blind.

Tomorrow after grocery shopping,
 I am aiming to finish painting the remaining three walls 
and hopefully the trim (I will have to pace myself as last weekend 
I ended up running myself down prepping everything). 
I also need to finalize the blue bed wall  as I left it until
the furniture was in to see how it looked and now
when I walk into the bedroom I think it's
starting to feel like a seaside resort.

Have you ever colour blocked one wall in a room? Were you happy with it
or did you find it too jarring and needed all the walls to be the same colour?

I'm not a fan of the usual track lighting but a while
back I fell in love with these and had them installed in 
my kitchen display area at work as it desperately needed extra lighting.
 I knew they would
be perfect in our hallway upstairs
 (which has been without any lights to speak of for years now) 
but at $75.00 a pop could not afford them.  
So with me being both stubborn and cheap
I have been allowing us to fumble around in a semi dark hall
lit by a single lamp plugged into one of the

that is until today! When I found out these brushed nickel 
traditional looking beauties
were being discontinued and on sale for a mere $19.00 
it was well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive east to another store 
to pick 3 of them up. One was the display
and so I don't even have to buy bulbs for it.

Our upstairs hall needs a ton of work and we can't 
agree on what to do but at least we can finally have 
some pretty lights to look at.

Have a super duper weekend!


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