Friday, February 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Overhaul

I am so excited because this weekend we are going to 
start to make some cheap and cheerful changes to our bedroom. 

We are going to repaint 
the walls, the bed and the dressers,
 tackle the closet door which was stripped of it's old paint
and never put back on
and hang a pair of Ikea Alvine Kottar curtains I already have
 as well as a 
black out blind so we
can finally sleep without the dang neighbours front
door lights shining in our bedroom all night long.

As I love tourquoise and my better half
doesn't like the idea of an all white bedroom,
I  am going to this colour scheme.
A deep turquoise by Martha Stewart called


 a soft grey called

"Designer Grey"

 by CIL

and a creamy yellow based warm white by Sico called

"Nairobi Clouds".

I already have an untinted gallon of paint sitting downstairs that
I can get tinted at work 
so that is a great saver
and I have purchased a quart each for the other 
two colours.

  We're keeping the Ikea blue and white ticking stripe bedding 
which I love for it's casual feel and  I have my eye 
on  3 different new lamps.

One is a cylinder shaped clear glass lamp with a parchment drum shade
I spied at Walmart about 6 months ago that 
looks similar to this for a lot less 
but so far the two stores I checked don't have it.
It feels so airy and pretty.

I really like how this lamp might 
give me a nice modern contrast to
our very traditional bed.

Or maybe a swing arm lamp in chrome
 to inspire me to retire earlier and do
some reading, or maybe some studying.

or a white gourd lamp, which I have always
loved the organic shape of them.

I have a few bites on some items I'm selling
on Kijiji which will give me the funds for 
new lamps and some other decorative

Eventually this great heavy iron chandelier will get it's own
overhaul and will get hung as well but that will be a little 
work in progress as it is very very
rusty underneath all that chippy paint and 
she needs a rewiring too.

Here's a little slumber tidbit.
Did you know that when a little tiny 
light the size of a pin head was shone on the backs of the knees of 
sleeping participants in a sleep study that it disrupted their
R.E.M. sleep. R.E.M. sleep is the sleep that 
allows you to produce the ever so important melatonin and it is also when
your body repairs and regenerates so if you
want the best sleep ever don't forget to black it out
including the alarm clock, turn it the other way.

Woohoo! I am so psyched for colour
and what a nice Valentine's day present to
us both.  Hey what can I say, I'm a low maintenance
kinda gal! No diamonds or flowers required, just paint
and elbow grease is all it takes
to win my heart.
Have a wonderful wonderful weekend.


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