Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Side Stair Storage and In Case You Didn't Know

Hi again!
Thought I would share with you some more storage Todd has been building. You see our
old home is short on built-ins and to have her keep up with
the Jones's we have been adding where we can.  

So we are blessed with 5 doorways in our 12 1/2 x 18 foot
kitchen and the one on the far right
leads to the basement.

The old doors are beautiful but since we were 
not opening any walls up we chose to remove
them including the basement door (safely stored
in the attic in case anyone ever wanted to put them back)

which gave us an opportunity to use the back wall
to hang a chalk board and have a  space for a small
table and as well for cook

or at one time was a great
place for  

this sweet girls water and food dish
to be out of the way of the main
areas of the kitchen, she always had
a thing for getting under furniture.

The left side.

 and  the right side.
There will be shaker doors covering 
all the openings except where
you see the beadboard. I'm 
a pretty good shot and can hit
the recycle bin from the top
of the stairs, actually I made a very calculated
decision as to just how high that cabinet would be
above based on a trial couple of throws!

I love the barn style lighting that will go
where the pig tail light is now. I stained a
piece of pine for the base top and gave
it many coats of poly.

You know building a new house is so much  
easier than working around an old homes
oddities. We didn't want to lose any height 
going down the stairs for taking taller 
items down. Just look at that nasty underside of the 
upstairs landing

and so Todd performed framing and drywall magic!

Just look at those angles, I just love it.

Finishing touches, paint  and doors are needed so will have to 
share  again when it's all done but so far I'm loving it.

and now 
for a very important message
to all the lovely ladies (and some gents)
who have the pleasure (or displeasure) of
doing there own house cleaning



Just turn these little guys to the left

and lift the seat to the left and then 
the right and they pop off the 
plastic plugs

and now you have every woman's dream,
an easy to clean toilet and toilet seat!
So if you don't have
one run right out and get one
(or maybe spare him the agony of what
to get you for Valentine's day ? ha ha with 
some flowers of course)
and  trust me you won't regret it. 
Oh ya, I like the plastic
model over the wood moulded white one 
any day but hey to each her own.

Have a cozy weekend!


Claudia said...


Love your post today!! Made me laugh at the end. I am loving the entrance to the downstairs with the framed chalkboard. Very pretty to look at. Also loving the shelves and can't wait to see the shaker style door idea. It's great to maximize space as much as you can...Love that!
Thank you for making me laugh this morning and can't wait till it's done. Also you are very nice to always leave a comment. Makes my day!

Claudia said...


LOL! I think I should ask your husband to make me one. Would he ship it? Then, he could just make two as long as he is doing it.
We are buried in snow today. Just picked the kids up from a 1/2 day. They are excited.
I haven't even started on a collection. Maybe some Etsy shopping this afternoon.
Take care,