Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bedroom progress

Today got off to a later start as I got a little sidetracked by the thought
and then the action of baking some  gluten free blueberry muffins
 for the first time that turned out so good even Todd, the gluten free skeptic
said they were delicious. I also 
whipped up a dairy free egg oven baked omelet that 
also turned out pretty darn yummy. 

So Todd got to work on our headboard, you see we never got a humidifier
for this old house until this winter and so our antique bed paid a price.
 The veneer and the wood behind it cracked so bad
 that he had to score the rest of the veneer to take the top part off. 

Then he took a jig and drilled holes into the top piece that was previously only held in
place by one board and the veneer on the front.

The holes allowed him to drill screws into the board 
below securing the two pieces together.

The back 

and putting it back together. The veneer also had some bubbled areas
that were not repairable and so this bed has got a date with
some paint.  It's going to be quite a change once we're done.

This room has the original plaster ceiling and walls except for 
the one outside wall that Todd removed the plaster years 
ago and insulated it.
Today he skim coated some rough spots that had not been done previously.
I'm hoping that I will get one coat of paint on all the walls today and
a second tomorrow. The lighting does not show the depth or true blue
of the new wall colour and it is actually a test pilot of
a similar colour to my Martha Stewart  Geyser. You see I get a discount
at work and they couldn't get the formula for Geyser so I picked something
close mixed into a quart and will go and another quart of  Geyser mixed up
at the big orange store if I like the effect.

I never got around the first time we did this room
to finishing it properly, I just ran out of energy and so
I'm happy to do all the caulking needed before repainting
all the trim too.

Look at this original wall sconce. It turns on with
a little key latch on the side and is just inside the door so
you don't have to fumble in the dark.  All the bedrooms have one.

In the past when we were very brave
 we had originally stripped mostly all of the casings of the old lead paint
 and then painted over with latex but this time any remaining lead
paint as seen here as the creamier paint colour in the closet will just get primed
and painted over. It is much safer for us. Removing lead paint is a hazard and dangerous if 
not done right.

Just look at how large and beautiful the original mouldings
in our upstairs are. They are from 1878 and don't match the 1915 Arts 
and Crafts trim in other parts of the house but it tells
this homes tale of a major renovation done before power tools and  I love them.

It was previously partly stripped and 
never saw paint but will get finished off this time.

Todd did the crown moulding years ago the first time we made over
this room.

Well this will definitely be more than a one weekend job so 
I better get to it some more.

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