Friday, February 25, 2011

Lamp Love

It's been  very very busy at work lately and I am so grateful, 
however it has left me exhausted at the end
of each day and the week. 

Last weekend I  prepped our bed and dressers  for
paint but I haven't been able to find the energy
to do the painting so this is what our
dining room has looked like all week. 

I just want to get it done so that I don't start second
guessing all my ideas. I find that when I'm tired I do that
 a lot. I guess it's the fear that if I make a mistake
I won't have the physical or financial resources to 
fix it. Oh well, ya gotta live on the edge some time,
don't ya.

In the meantime I was so pleased to make a sale on Kijiji 
to put some money towards some new lamps.
I had tried a couple of stores looking for my all time
favourite lamps for this room only to come up short. 

I had spotted these white glass lamps at Lowe's and thought this pretty
drum shade looked so fresh with the base but it is so 
far removed from the lamps I adore that they just wouldn't do. 

So I have taken it one step farther. I thought, why not call the head office
and ask the buyer if they will be bringing this lamp back in stock. Well I got a nice lady
in customer service who told me that without a stock or upc number there 
was nothing that could be done. I told her that I could give her a very distinct description
and that it is not in the store anymore so I can't get the number. She told me 
that without it she can't help me. 

The next day I called again and by chance got the same person in customer service.  
I told her I am just crazy for these lamps and have to just try somehow to see
if they will be available again. She said she understood. I asked her if I could email
a picture of a lamp that is almost identical to send that to the buyer. She said she could do that
for me.  So this is the picture I sent her and now I've got my fingers, toes and legs crossed
hoping I may be lucky enough to hear back from them with good news!

In the meantime, if any of you have a lead on this style of lamp in Canada for about
$40.00 I would love to hear from you. 
Isn't it just sheer perfection, SIGHHHHHH.

and here are some other  beauties that we spied when
we went just window shopping on our long family day weekend
It was nice to get out and go downtown and even stop
at our favourite awesome Italian bakery for some home made
stew and vegies. 

I have round mirror love too!

Very cool real gas lamp

Well have a great weekend!

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Claudia said...


Love the lamp, the shape, and that it's glass. Love lamps to begin with. I have a hard time hiding the cords so we mostly to recessive lighting. But I do love pretty lamps and this one is beautiful. I will keep my eyes open to see if I can take a look. I am currently working on our sun room so a lamp is on the list. I will let you know. Have you ever checked out Overstock? I am not sure if they ship to Canada.
I hope you do get them.
Take care and have a nice weekend.