Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laundry Days

Weekends are when the laundry gets done around here and while
I'm dreaming of days when I can hang the laundry out to dry

 I don't feel deprived very much at all when I get to be in our

To me it is more than I dreamed I would ever get to have for 
the place to do what sometimes seems like a chore.

I don't think I shared a picture of the sink cabinet after
it got a coat of white paint so here she is.

And our salvaged sink has a super deep bowl
on the one side  and a nice shallow bowl on the other that is so handy.

One of the first things that was a sign that something was
not going right with my health was a sensitivity to perfume
and then chemicals. After learning from a friend that he cured his 
son's newly developed asthma by making sure that his home did not
have any cleaning chemicals or unnatural soaps for bathing or for their laundry
I switched from the typical Tide to natural laundry products and my 
favourite is  Seventh Generation.

and there is no need to resort to chemicals for stain remover either.
Buncha Farmers stain remover stick does the job as good
as Shout and is biodegradable.

Or a long time tried and true stain remover 
called Endit. I'm not sure if it's biodegradable though as
I no longer have the packaging.

I get to look out at the farmers fields across the street 
while I fold. Sadly there are plans for new homes to go
there in the next 5 years. My heart is broken by this fact.

The view behind me as I fold.

The bench used to be in the front porch 
but when we did the bookshelves in the dining room
we had to find a place for my beloved empire style dresser
and the porch was the only place for it.
The bench is a great place to pile the 
clothes or sit down to put
your shoes or boots on.

And the wonderful reflection of the backyard in the mirror.

 I love our home, this house that has taken up 10 years of our lives
with all it's history and character of yesteryear.
  I know they say "home is where your heart is"
but my heart IS in this home and this town and I want to stay 
for many years to come. 

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