Monday, February 14, 2011

3000 Paint Colours!

How is it possible to look  at  3000 to 
a gazillion
paint chips and still not find the exact

I thought I would show you a picture  that I snapped 
this morning after getting up 
(scuze the messy bed)
of the new Sico turquoise  test paint colour. 
I still wanted to see what my first choice "geyser"
by Martha Stewart looks like but the chip is 
darker than this colour by Sico and I didn't want to 
go any darker as this is an east 
facing room with one small window.

I told my honey that I didn't need flowers or  mushy cards, 
(yup he always gets me two)
 as renovating our bedroom was the very best and the most romantic gift ever! 

 So today while doing
our routine groceries we popped
into HD to get a $5.00 test can of geyser and 
I got the nice lady at the paint counter
to do only 75 %  of it.

As you can see  by the new large swatch 
on the left it is still darker.

I am liking the tones of geyser better with our 
ticking striped bedding. I'm not going for
an exact match of the wall colour to the bedding
but I do like geyser's
more blue than green tones.
It' just feels more nautical to me.
So I will go for it and get it mixed to 65% 
to be just perfect (I hope).

 I only used about 1/4 of the little test can for that large
area which I painted with a brush.
Heck  I could do the entire wall for just $10.00 and two test
cans if I got brave enough to do the entire wall with a brush.
If not then another quart will do for twice that.

Now the bed, the dilemma, the veneer is clearly damaged 
but it is an over 100 year old 
antique of beautiful burled solid walnut on the footboard 
and burled walnut veneer on the headboard. 

The new wall colour is making it look just a little hipper to me, 
a sort of plantation feel. So no need to get hasty, 
I'll  get everything else done first and see how 
it looks. If we don't paint  it then a little wood fill stick will 
take care of the crack in the veneer for an imperfect
but budget wise fix.
What I love is that my honey is up for whatever
I decide.

I couldn't resist pulling these nice white framed shell prints from 
the bathroom to see what they might look like with the new wall colour.
I could do two on each side of the bed or all four above the bed.

We will plug away next weekend and maybe squeeze some 
night time painting in after work this week. 

I thought I would pop in a few pics of the dining room post xmas.
We will one day get doors for the lower parts of the bookcases. 
I don't have much to put on them right now nor the funds 
to buy anything so I just grabbed a 
few things kicking around so they don't look too bare.

I am still going to try and convince my mom
to whip me up a couple of canvas's for either side
of the fireplace with some nice 
beachy colour in them as she is so talented
and I would kill
for a Dash and Albert rug striped rug,
heck any striped rug for that matter. 

Maybe if I find some inexpensive nice smaller ones,
I could have them sewed together for 
a unique kind of patchwork effect.
I saw some at Home Sense once 
but the colours were not right.

As things improve like a slow uphill climb for me with how I feel, 
three steps forward and 2 steps backward,
  I  profoundly notice  how much more relaxed 
and just a little more happy about my design decisions 
for our home I've become. 

I was always afraid of making a mistake as it would 
take to much precious energy that I did not have,
 to fix it.

It really is a nice place to be and I 
am so excited to think how I may feel a year from now.

The morning sunlight on this particular day 
was so beautiful.  

Do you feel like spring is near?

I'm sure a hoping and a praying.

Have a great week.


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Claudia said...


Love it!! You pick the prettiest paint colors. I get totally lost when it's time to pick a color.
Takes me forever.
That color is soothing and it will look beautiful in your bedroom. The pictures will look pretty against the Martha Stewart color paint.
The house is looking beautiful. Makes me smile to look at your rooms. The dining room is very inviting. I can picture sitting there and having my coffee reading my favorite blogs.
Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see it all done.

How's the plate rack working out. I haven't even started on the project yet. I thought I found one at this Antique store but someone had it on hold already. Still working on it. Take care.