Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Few of my Fantastic Finds


I've been struggling a bit physically  these past weeks but I
have made some changes and fingers crossed feel I've turned
a corner.

I love love love thrifting and have not been in  a while since
I have quite a few pieces that I already acquired that still  need  there
makeover  so I thought I would show you what I think are
some neat second hand finds that I scored.

One day a while back we decided to take a gander through  
the local Habitat for Humanity Restore at 5 minutes to closing. 
Since I have an obsession with lighting (too many lights not enough rooms) I made a bee line for the lighting section and low and behold this chandelier was sitting there, 
I could not believe my eyes. 

It of course did not have a price on it and it weighed a ton. So
very very casually
(trying to supress my inner squeal of delight)
with a poker face I sauntered up to the cash and 
asked how much they wanted for it.  

It hangs in our still to be reno'd living/dining room that definitely
does not show it off to it's potential.
Apparently some guy just dropped it off and 
thought it was junk, JUNK! Can you believe it?

$75.00 he said. Sold I said!

As you can see it has this gorgeous patina on it.

It needed a ceiling canopy and rewiring so off I hauled it
to an older gentleman who has been 
restoring chandeliers
for years in nearby Aurora 

and he custom matched the canopy

and you know what he told me?
It is not brass, it is solid cast bronze!
I would like to find some crystals for it but I
do love it without them too.

I love the ball shape and the organic style of this vintage
light, another Restore score for $15.00
I picture this one sprayed a fun colour.

This little lovely was a Good Will deal of just $13.50.

I guess a little straw in the seat means it's old
and not a repro

I love the casual shabby style of this very heavy iron chandelier. It will take a lot of 
work to get all the rust paint off it but will be well worth it. At $75.00 it is a
one of a kind diamond in the rough that will look 
wonderful in our master bedroom.

Value village never lets me down, $50.00 for a solid maple dresser with
great deco style handles. It had a burgundy stain that I stripped and still needs a
final coat of colour and finish.

I didn't even have to paint this one, found it as you see
it for $15.00 at Good Will.

Some people think pressboard Ikea dressers are 
a great deal, I beg to differ. $175.00 for a 4'x2' wood 
empire style dresser complete with it's harp
and mirror. The mirror found a home in our mudroom
over our huge cast iron sink and
the dresser which is now painted white gets moved to various places
in our home but right now resides
in the front porch.
If we didn't need our microwave in our kitchen island this dresser would have
been a great piece to use at 4'x2' with a some salvaged brackets for
the back and counter overhang and a butcher block top, again
a one of a kind design with lots of drawer storage

Now that is a deal.

This coffee table was one of the first pieces I found for $40.00 at 
Value Village when we bought our house 10 years ago. It was a
regular table height and Todd cut the base down
for a coffee table height. The lamp is one of two we 
found for $30.00 and I added a new drum shade to it.
The love seat was $250.00 and  is a very heavy good quality 
second hand down filled William 
Birch style in a gorgeous yellow
chintz that  I  slipcovered for it to match our sofa
that was purchased new. 

Our home is filled mostly  with wonderful old but not precious
pieces and I wouldn't have it
any other way.  I love recycling and I love the
quality that was from yesterday and whenever possible I try to
buy not "made in China"!

And last but not least this cute 
wood slat  bucket was just $10.00 from 
a private flea market. I just love it's hand made quality.

So where do you go looking for your deals and what do you consider
a deal?

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Claudia said...


I am glad you are feeling better. I love the beautiful pieces you found. I never have too much luck or I am going to the wrong places. My goal this year is to go to the Brimfield fair. It suppose to be spectacular. I love your first picture of the chandelier. It's exquisite. I also lve the wooden bucket.
Thank you for sharing.

Cant wait to see more.