Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boca Raton Back Door

I was told that the flowering almond in our backyard was planted by Millie's mother who passed away in the late 1890's. Is that possible a plant can live that long?Millie Quibelle's father Charles Brooks renovated our home in 1915. That's the neighbours 100+ year old drive shed in the back ground.

I spent the better part of one day of my weekend prepping our original old door for a coat of paint. The new but old screen door had been primed and I was pondering over white vs a colour but white was tugging at my heart. You see, I adore all white interiors and have ever since I first laid eyes on the gorgeous white home of the wonderful Tricia Foley in Country Home Magazine probably 8 0r 9 years ago. I still have it stashed in my inspiration binder I created back then. Problem is my sweet but tough guy has a different take on white. He'll say, Hon do what you want and then when I show him what I want he'll tell me he doesn't like it. So because he has worked his butt off pretty much single handedly (with most of the painting done by moi) to give me a more beautiful home than I ever imagined I would have there will be a happy medium and not as much white.

So, then I asked the question, Hon what colour do you think we should paint the back doors,to which he replied, BLACK...... the colour drained from my face. Black I said, are you kidding me. Now I have seen some black doors that are stunning but I just could not get my head around doing that to my pretty yellow and white house. I ran to my paint chips that I had been looking at for weeks now and under such pressure (the weather gods were cooperating this weekend) to find a happy medium hue ,waved a nice sandy taupe colour under his nose to see if her would bite and to my delight he did. I thought, hey I can live with that, it's not white but it's not black either. Delighted, I sent him off to get a quart mixed up at the local paint store and he proudly came back with the very most expensive quart of paint I'd ever seen.

One coat later of that nicely priced taupe and I hated it. It somehow had a fleshy look to it and he didn't disagree with me either. Back I run to my paint chips and with a roll of the dice and feeling as lucky as a gambling fool I pick Boca Rotan Blue by Benjamin Moore. At this point he has his power tools all set up in the driveway and is toiling away on the garage and past experience has told me he will not stop to do a paint run again. But he is sweet as pie and says ok.

Here she is with primer only and seems really pretty to me.

This is our couple of years old deck just outside our back door. Yup, it's a white deck, shows dirt but I don't care, I love it. I wanted a white gazebo but could not find one at the time so I got my white in somehow. I thought the blue door would maybe be nice with the blue stripe on the gazebo curtains and the seat cushions.

And here are the Boca Rotan Blue doors. The colour actually looks more green than blue here. I'm still spraying some of the hardware a matte black and it does look really sharp against the blue. It feels to me like a blue version of the red doors in Sarah Richardson's farm house mudroom which is a killer mudroom. My honey really likes it and my friend Joanne really likes it but I can't say I'm in love with it. It goes with the floors and the colour really suits the door (if that makes sense) and it is gives some contrast to the "Promise" grey walls and white beadboard but it may have to grow on me or maybe I need to go more blue than teal with it. Oh Gosh, I'm gonna give the poor guy more grey hairs.



I just love how the windows are such a focal point with white on the door. I mumbled to him wen he was almost asleep last night, honey, my Christmas wreath isn't gonna stand out on that blue door. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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