Monday, September 20, 2010

She's coming along

The weather yesterday and today have been fabulous for getting some painting done on our little garage. It may not look like a lot of work but you can't see the 12" slanted overhang that is a neck twister when you are on the ladder (yes I'm a shrimpo). We've got one more coat of paint to go on all trim and the upper shakes and the little back door needs some sanding and a fresh coat of paint.

Restoring the old window can be done inside after the weather turns, thank godness.

Just a glimpse of the newly painted back door. The juries still out. Even if I wanted to change it I may not catch enough good weather do to that (that is if I can convince him somehow that white is the way to go) What do you think? I also want to remove the cedar and plant a Blue Niko Hydrangea in it's place eventually, maybe this fall, just maybe if there is enough time.

I just love the job my honey did when he built the new doors replicating the old ones. I've got to find a pic of the old ones so you can see what I mean. I gave the siding at the front a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore's Weston Flax from the historical collection so she matches the house perfectly and she'll get a new pair of lanterns to illuminate her beautifully at night time.

Isn't that window just screaming for a flower box?

We may not get enough good weather to do the back, it's the north side and is shaded by a birch tree but we will try, it's going to dip down to 7 degrees tonight, BRRRRR.

Hope you are having a wonderful fall so far!


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