Saturday, February 2, 2013

White Envy, Living Room Rehab

My friend Joanne and I are making a quick Ikea trip Monday for her to pick up some lights for her new wardrobe cabinetry she has just bought on sale. You see she has the great fortune of being able to convert an empty bedroom into her very own dressing room. What a lucky gal!!!!
Then we are going to head to Designer Fabrics for me to see if I can find my dream pillow fabrics for the living room.
I am going to be honest, I am struggling badly. You see, I pine for an all white space like these below with touches of soft colour or little pops of brighter colours and warm amber toned woods, a touch of a dark wood in minute moderation and white washed greys but my honey truly and absolutely loves the blue we have painted and when I tell him I love all white, accuses me of having a fear of colour. What a silly guy, doesn't he know that white IS a colour!
 I like the blue, really I do but a visit to a customers home recently where newly painted crisp white walls and bleached oak floors with deeper grey upholstered furniture literally took my breath away, and that was all that was in the space as she hadn't even finished her renovations yet!!! I had only ever seen a home like that in a magazine and I immediately felt a sense of such calm and peace and it was amazing. 

Just so beachy.

Unpretentiously pretty.

But this living room above has got to be my most favourite, as if the beach is just outside the door, or at least near by. If he would just let me.....

Amazing small space bedroom that lives large because of it's airy scheme

A happy place to catch a movie with the gang

I'm still torn but I think I'm going to try and find something like this gorgeous scheme  of fabrics at Designer Fabrics.
Wish me luck!!

Truly a dream kitchen

And as well as my serious dreaming of all white I was also becoming frustrated with how jumbled everything looked in our living room and took all the books and dark items off the built-ins and removed the dark end tables and the light stained coffeed table from the room. Then I added back only white or light accessories (which I don't really have enough of but used what I could find) and realized that the different sized  pictures bother me since the bookshelf openings are also not even and it feels too chaotic. The coloured pictures are also too busy for me visually. So my plan is to put the family photos in the hallway and reprint them in black and white and find some pretty prints for the picture rail in some light wood or greyed wood tones all the same size instead.  I would love to bring in a jute area rug but our girl has still had some pee mishaps on our back door rug and even on my kitchen runner which then get tossed in the wash but since I can't do that with a large area rug it is not going to happen until we are sure she is not going to go on it.

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