Sunday, February 3, 2013

Juicing and Baking

I can't believe it but it has been a quite a day and I have managed to squeeze a lot into it. Juicing, baking, grocery shopping, house cleaning and even got two loads of laundry done! I was up early on and started getting my vegies ready for our weekend juice. Each week I buy enough produce to ensure I can make about 4 cups of healthy green juice on the weekend. It is chock full of nutrients and helps you detox naturally and gently which I need badly since having severe hypothyroidism for 5 plus years, everything  slows down to a snails pace and your body doesn't detox due to your liver and other organs not working to full capacity. Sadly as a result I developed chemical sensitivities.  Add to that the damage to ones liver that happens when you are treated with radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer  and you can see why it is so important to do things that support detoxing.   

I use my stainless steel Ikea bowls all the time and fill one medium one with greens such as kale, or romain lettuce, parsley for blood purifying, cilantro for heavy metal removal, (I had previously tested high in both lead and mercury which are extremely damaging to the body)

Then I fill another bowl with cucumber, celery, an apple, a few carrots, a big chunk of peeled ginger, and  about 5 cloves of garlic

This juicer was given to me by my parents just after my cancer surgery and I have used it on and off over the years but I vow to stick with it this time. While everyone seems to be getting the terrible flu/virus thankfully neither of us have been sick all winter and perhaps this has something to do with it.

It is so funny, Emma goes bananas for vegies. I gave her some cooked cauliflower the other night and she choked it back like it was a raw steak.  She is such a vegie dog and so before I juice the garlic or ginger, she gets a little shot of juice in her bowl too and loves it.

Then for a kick I sprinkle in a bit of cayenne to boost the metabolism.

and add a scoop of each of these super immune boosting greens superfood and wheat grass 

It really is delicious, well as long as you like healthy food.

I have told you about Tom and Ali's amazing cookbook called Nourishing Meals and I have been testing it out but when I read there latest blog post about banana almond butter muffins that are flour, gluten and dairy free (also refined sugar free too) I just had to try making them. 
I had some leftover almond hazelnut butter in the fridge and decided to use it instead and added two more tablespoons of coconut flour as the hazelnut butter was a little runnier than almond butter.

and they are hands down a winner!
Since I can't eat dairy, I love spreading a little coconut oil on mine. 
I made a dozen and I think we got carried away with how good they are because this is all that is left.

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