Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sea steps

Hello everyone. I hope life is treating you well.
We have been having an interesting time. You see this little girl has kept me so busy as she has developed a serious shedding, itching and dry coat issue along with coming into heat again 3 months sooner and as a result the entire floor in the house need cleaning and vacuuming each and every day. I feel so badly seeing her scratching and uncomfortable. She doesn't have fleas and so we think it's a food reaction.
We have been trying different foods for her to see if that helps and currently have her on a venison and sweet potato formula. It apparently takes 6 weeks on just one food, no treats to see if it works for her.
Fingers crossed it works!

I did manage to get the built-ins painted but haven't added any decoration or books to them yet.
Just a cute little painting by my mom that I adore.
And just in case you are wondering, I do plan to paint the side tables and stain a deeper amber colour or paint the coffee table as their current wood tones do not go with the blinds.
I just swoon when the sun pours in here.

and finally, FINALLY we have our fireplace back in place. The copper gas line had to be replaced with flexible tubing.
Todd added new top shelf pieces and of course it is my job to paint them and then give everything a fresh coat of paint. He spent a good part of the day yesterday removing all the metal surround and giving it a fresh coat of black paint and cleaned the glass. 

I didn't feel so hot on Sunday and spent the day just mulling over our front hall transformation. 
I looked over all the cans of leftover paint in the basement, tried yet another few on the wall and kept defaulting to a white hallway but Todd just wouldn't have it. Then I came across a can of acrylic porch floor paint in Tonic Water by Sico and realized that I need to paint the stairs!
With what energy I had a scrubbed and sanded and spot primed  the stairs in hopes that I would feel good enough the next day to get them  painted and I did.

I hand painted the first coat but in hind site could have rolled them but here they are with one coat.
I did get a second coat on them. I had started off taping them off but that was just to much work and just took my time and I think they turned out pretty good.

Now I can paint my walls a warm cream which makes both me and Todd happy and will look great with the pop of stairs. I want to add a stencil to the riser in white to break it up a little. You can also see the temporary stained plywood we put down where we will one day do tile and I think it is a great solution for now. 
I did get them finished but now I have to get the walls done along with a fresh coat on all the trim and I promise I will share once it is all done and I have my fingers crossed this one won't drag on!


Anonymous said...

Looking good!x

Muddaritaville said...

I love the paint colours you select, the living room looks amazing and so do the stairs! The colours you pick make me happy when I see them, that might sound odd to some people but I think you will get that.

I'm sure you have had recommendations on different foods for Emma but did anyone recommend Fromms? I am going to put our pup on it but from the reviews I have read I wish I had my Sheltie on it when I had him. It's suppose to help with skin issues, give them a shinier coat with less shedding and much more. I haven't picked it up for Molly yet but I will.


Serendipitous Home said...

Hi Joanne,
Thank you!! and I bet everyone who loves making their house a home gets when a colour makes you happy. I sure do.
Emma is on Natural Balance and I am going to check out this Fromms as I have not ever heard of it.
As of the end of this week she seems to be shedding a little less and her coat seems to be slightly shinier and she it seems she is biting and scratching less so I'm praying this one is working for her.

Have a wonderful weekend.