Monday, September 10, 2012

Hallway office

I have to say that early fall is my most favourite time of year. Yesterday, the sun poured in our windows and our front porch which we reclaimed after moving out some stored items that were sitting in it for the hot part of the summer. It was such a treat to sit out there and enjoy our coffee and tea yesterday morning.

and Emma found a nice spot under the antique farm table between our chairs.

There were a million things that I could have done outside with the beautiful weather but getting our custom bookcases Todd made, primed was a priority for me.

So after I got started Todd says he is going to clean up the upstairs which had accumulated a lot of stuff over the past while. So then I hear the sound  of things being ripped apart instead of vacuumed up, so I go upstairs and this is what I find. Todd has taken off the extra deep window sill and is proceeding to remove the wall built out that went under it. We had talked about opening this up to give us an extra foot of space for a great hallway office niche which will then make our house a three bedroom plus bonus office. 

The space is just over 3' wide by 8' long on the wall side and the window wall is 12' long. 

and removing the wall makes it 54" wide! So much great potential and I haven't even begun to think of what could be done with it, 
becuuuuuuzzz I didn't know he was going to start yet another project.
We have NO funds for anything major so I'm happy that this will just be a drywall and two x fours type of project.

I put the furniture back for the night and today I'm getting a coat of paint on the built-ins, laundry etc.
It sure is starting to feel like a nice cozy space and just in time for fall.
I hope you are enjoying this superb weather.

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Melissah from Scrapbook said...

Don't just you love it when husbands attack a major project full on without any warning! Looks like it will produce a great end result!