Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are clear glass pendants a good choice?


I purchased these clear glass pendants for our laundry room a couple of years ago and then lost the bill. We decided they weren't the right choice and so I have had them all this time. I have always loved the look of glass pendants and how they don't take up visual space in a smaller room but that they still make a statement. 
I have suggested replacing our existing pendants with them in the kitchen over our island a number of times but Todd for some reason doesn't agree. 

I have posted them on Kijiji to sell them but when I placed them on our console to take a picture, I really liked how they looked and am now torn. 
The dilemma is, I have no idea how the light is off clear glass pendants. 
Is it cold and bare bulb feeling as I would suspect?
 Perhaps an old fashioned filament bulb will not throw that kind of light.
 I'm not sure and would like to find out. 

Do you have or have you been a kitchen with clear glass pendants and is the light 
unfavourable? We have dimmers so I can turn it down but still wonder about how it would feel when turned up to be bright enough to work under if you need to.
I really do love them and compared to prices of other clear glass pendants they were reasonable.

I would love to hear what you think!


Claudia said...


I love glass pendants. We have one over the kitchen sink. I like the clear glass... It feels more open and the light looks pretty, especially at night from looking out from the patio. I consider the glass pendant as part of the decor of the kitchen. I think sometimes some pendants above the kitchen island areso big and heavy looking.

Take care and have a good week. Anything you do always comes out nice.


Serendipitous Home said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback Claudia.
I was looking at your beautiful kitchen picture on your blog but could not make out the lights and would love to see one closer. I agree with you about the heavy pendants in some spaces so we will have to see if I can convince my honey to reconsider.