Sunday, October 2, 2011

A lazy rainy day and a few more kitchen pics

It is an absolutely cold and dreary rainy day that inspired me to shower and get right back into a pair of fresh cozy pj's for the day. I've been having fun doing nothing except sipping green tea, reading and posting a few more items on Kijiji to sell. 

 I thought I would share another shot of the kitchen before I finish off adding the glass to the doors and new window treatments because I just love it so much and am so excited about the transformation.
Now I really cannot wait for the new white sink, which as you can see here will look so much better.

I really do like the softer look of our existing knobs and handles instead of the oil rubbed bronze I was thinking of. Bummer of a thing happened when I pulled off tape off the wall it took paint with it right down to the drywall, gawd!, so now I may very well chose a different colour for the walls

The runner was a great find for just $15.00 last summer at a wonderful store in Bowmanville called City Cottage Store  and is a cheery pop of colour as well as a great floor protector from water drips.

I like how the  the crema marfil backsplash is really shining against the crisp white and the white subway tile seems to make sense now. 


I want to paint the pantry white too and every time I tell someone I get the NOOOOOOO!!!! your not going to paint that response but I think that is a no brainer as I don't want it to be the focal point.  

And the island has to change too but I wonder if it will be too much white if it is all white?
 I could stain over it with a darker stain in a more brown tone to take out the red tones but I'm not a fan of darker woods and envision something lighter and airier if not white. I will have to give it some serious thought.

We have decided to keep our reclaimed maple floors natural. After having them stained dark once and having a big dog at the time (which we will have again one day) and they were a nightmare to keep looking nice and all the scratches and any water drips showed. I also don't like how dark floors suck the light out of a room and working in an office all day long with no window, I crave light!

I would love to hear what you think you would do with the island!!!

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!!

City Cottage Store


Beach House Living said...

It looks very nice. I would likely paint the pantry though...

Brenda in Sunny SoCal. said...

Love the kitchen, are the cabinets white or cream? And that backsplash tile is to die for do you have a name and brand for it?

Eileen H'van said...

Hello there! I notice in several finished room that you have lovely ceiling mount and pendent school house lights. I am wondering where you purchased them. I see them in the kitchen, laundry and a porch I think. Thank you!

Serendipitous Home said...

Hi Eileen,
Our mudroom is also our laundry room/back porch and it has the school house lights. They are from Lowe's for a great price, something like $30.00 each. The kitchen pendants are from Union lighting in Toronto about 10 years ago and were $70.00 each.
Hope that helps.


kitchen makeover said...

The small tile back splash is gorgeous...where can we find it?

Serendipitous Home said...
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