Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cabinet Coat Rocks

I've got to put another coat of paint on the glass doors and some shelves but them the cream cabinets are done!
While I was at work today Todd put the doors and hardware back on the cabinets.

I have spent the past week deliberating over new oil rubbed bronze handles and knobs for the freshly painted white cabinets and after bringing home a few samples and still undecided, I chose to have him install the old ones to see if I like them which of course would also save us $$$$.

 In the meantime I have been checking out Kijiji for a Kohler Bakersfield cast iron sink in white with no luck. There are many white double bowl versions available for about $100.00  but no single bowls that are the same size we need.

We LOVE our big 25" wide single sink and even though the black one is gorgeous, it has always been, in my mind, an incorrect design choice (I was trying at the time to give my hubby some of his favourite colour black in our new kitchen) 

So as much as I have loved this bench, I have decided to part with it and just sold it to fund our new sink! I just love that  I can, make certain decorative changes to our home without feeling guilty. If I want to change something, all I have to do is sell sell sell until I have enough to get what I want.

Funny thing, the first people to see our fresh new white kitchen was not family or friends but were complete strangers coming to buy our bench. When they came inside our back porch and peeked inside the kitchen, asked to see inside and it felt so good to show off what now felt so absolutely right to me.

So our 8 year old Delta Waterfall kitchen faucet has had repeated dripping issues which we have tried to fix with warrantied parts to no avail. Since the faucet is now discontinued and  large parts are no longer available  Delta has sent us a brand new Leland faucet! I think the pulldown spray is going to be fantastic to use and I always missed my soap pump on the deck after we removed it to install our drinking water faucet.  

YEAH!!!! It is going to look smashing!

So I walked in the door and even though I could picture how it would look, was shocked at how different and great our kitchen looked and was also thrilled to see that the the old knobs and handles look great too. Todd moved our Ikea slipcovered chairs and my little pedestal table back into the kitchen from the back porch now that the cooler weather is here. I love having multipurpose furniture in neutral tones that can go in all rooms. 

I can't wait to finish up the last few things and share the new look with you!! 

Isn't it amazing how the right colour can make you feel so good?

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Beach House Living said...

It looks nice and was looking at your chairs thinking how nice. I checked on line but didn't see them