Monday, May 23, 2011

The North York Drive-in

Summer has officially begun and the North York Drive-in had dusk to dawn this 
long weekend. That's 3 instead of 2 movies for just $13.00. We both saw Pirates 
of the Carribean 4 and then we shifted over to another screen and I went to sleep
while Todd watched Fast 5. The back seat of the truck is a
pretty comfy sleep  for a 5 foot and a bit sized person like myself.

We live just 15 minutes away from this wonderful experience. Sadly there are
only a few remaining drive-ins and this one has been owned by the same family the entire time.
Todd has been coming since
he was a kid and I also have very fond memories of going to the drive-in in our pajamas when 
we were little because we always ended up falling asleep
before the end of the 2nd movie and not much has changed
 (only I don't wear pj's, although some adults do ).

We got there around 7:30 and show time was around 9.

I thought we weren't going to get a good spot because trucks, suv's and vans have to be in 
the last 5 rows but we did just fine.

We were running out of time to get ready and eat after spending the day doing the front garden so I had to choose between time for a shower or eating dinner at home. The shower won of course. That's right we had bbq steak and caesar salad at the 
drive-in. Talk about doing it with class!

 But I would say we take second prize to these folks. 
In all our years going to the outdoor movies we have not
seen this, a leather sofa on the back of the truck!

There is even a little playground to keep the kids occupied before the movie.

 It was a blast but I indulged in a couple of gluten free peanut butter cookies
that had the evil white sugar in them and that has left me with a big ol food hangover, 
basically feel like I
drank a whole bottle of wine all by 

But not this guy, he watches two movies, drives me home while I snoozed, 
did the dishes at some crazy hour before bed
and then is up doing more gardening today 
while I mull around the house doing much of nothing! 

and that is after spending the week building this 

He amazes me and I love him to bits.

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